Famous Toastery Remains a Hot Investment in the Better Breakfast Segment
Famous Toastery Remains a Hot Investment in the Better Breakfast Segment

As buzz continues to build around the segment, Famous Toastery’s commitment to service and quality have positioned the brand for lasting success.

Growth in the better breakfast segment continues to build across the nation and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. At the center of this excitement, one brand has positioned itself for lasting success. Famous Toastery, a top-tier destination for breakfast, brunch, and lunch lovers, has been serving up a popular mixture of classic and innovative breakfast dishes for over a decade.

With a winning combination of top-notch customer service and high quality food, the brand continues to invest time and effort into providing an unparalleled dining experience within the industry. The food is made fresh each day in-house, using only ingredients that meet its high standards for quality.

“After people experience our made-from-scratch kitchen specials for themselves, those fresh, premium ingredients catch their attention. We’re constantly getting inquiries from people looking to open their own location based on their own dining experience in our restaurants,” said Robert Maynard, Famous Toastery’s CEO and Founder.

The brand is committed to delivering a family-friendly, positive dining atmosphere to each person who walks through its doors.  Its “Every Server is Your Server” mentality assures guests that they can expect to feel at home at any location. Put simply, the motto inspires each employee to offer warm and welcoming service to all visitors.

Famous Toastery’s flexible hours of operation are an appealing aspect for franchisee prospects. With hours spanning from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m daily, the better breakfast brand offers franchisees a strong work-life balance. This model ensures that owners are able to pursue their dreams of business ownership while still having ample time to spend with family throughout the day. This unique benefit gives the brand an edge over competitors in the full service restaurant category.

“We make it our top priority to set our franchisees up for success, both personally and professionally,” said Maynard. “We want to see our local owners thriving both in and outside of their restaurants, and our model lends itself to that.”

The buzz surrounding Famous Toastery is strong enough to warrant opportunities in new markets across the nation. Though tracing its roots back to North Carolina, the brand has found success outside its home state by establishing locations in communities throughout Colorado, Georgia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia.

Maynard is confident that this strong growth will remain steady. He said, “As we break into new markets throughout the U.S., it’s becoming increasingly clear to us that both consumers and business owners are looking for a higher quality breakfast, brunch, and lunch restaurant.”

He explained that Famous Toastery provides the perfect solution to meet that growing demand. With the brand’s industry expertise and a passion for providing better breakfast, it fulfills its commitment to consistently improving both guest and franchisee experiences.  

As brunch continues to be an increasingly prevalent part of many people’s weekly routines, it is more important than ever for restaurants to find ways to differentiate themselves from the pack. Maynard explained that Famous Toastery has taken steps to remain ahead of the curve through its innovative offerings.

“Menu innovation is such an essential part of the Famous Toastery brand—customers know that they’ll be able to try something new when they sit down at one of our tables,” he said.

The company currently has 30 open locations, with plans to double in size offer the next two years. To learn more about franchising opportunities, visit OwnAToastery.com.