From Florida to New York: How Famous Toastery Leveraged its Position as the Better Breakfast Leader to Expand Beyond the Carolinas
From Florida to New York: How Famous Toastery Leveraged its Position as the Better Breakfast Leader to Expand Beyond the Carolinas

The Charlotte, North Carolina-based brand is actively growing in untapped markets across the East Coast.

Famous Toastery has been a fan favorite in its hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina since its first location opened up its doors for business over a decade ago. The brand has become synonymous with better breakfast in the area—consumers will wait in lines to grab a bite to eat at the family-friendly restaurant. That’s why it’s no surprise that the brand has been able to rapidly expand in the Southeast.

After establishing a strong presence in Charlotte, Famous Toastery decided to expand through franchising. By creating a one of a kind business ownership opportunity for entrepreneurs, the brand found a way to enter new markets at a rapid rate. So in order to jump start those development efforts, Famous Toastery decided to expand closer to home. Backed by its reputation as the brand to beat, South Carolina was a natural next step as Famous Toastery continued to grow.

“When we first launched our franchise opportunity, we wanted to ensure that the right systems and structures were in place. That’s why we focused on opening up restaurants in the Carolinas—we wanted to be available to our franchisees in the event that they needed help or guidance,” said Robert Maynard, founder and CEO of Famous Toastery. “Now that we’ve perfected our model and proven that our system works, we’re focusing on bringing the Famous Toastery brand to different cities across the entire East Coast.”

Famous Toastery has already expanded far beyond the Carolinas. With locations successfully up and running in Florida and Virginia, the brand is already forming relationships with new consumers and entrepreneurs. And with restaurants in development in Philadelphia, New York, Colorado and Georgia, Famous Toastery is positioned to break into more new markets than ever before in 2017.

“There’s something different about Famous Toastery that makes it work wherever it opens its doors. It comes down to the fact that breakfast and lunch are underserved segments of the restaurant industry—people are looking for a better alternative that serves fresh, top quality food,” said Chris Phillips, a Famous Toastery franchisee located in Philadelphia. “Our food and commitment to exceptional customer service will certainly resonate with consumers here. That’s why we’re excited to bring Famous Toastery to the area.”

In addition to its commitment to quality food and customer service, Famous Toastery has been able to expand outside of the Carolinas because of its competitive franchise opportunity. Entrepreneurs are drawn to the brand’s strong support system, which guides franchisees through the entire opening process. Famous Toastery already provides prospective owners with the opportunity to get in on the ground level of a rapidly growing brand. With a goal to sign 15 deals this year that would open a total of 75 locations, Famous Toastery’s development efforts are just getting started.

“We’re confident that 2017 is going to be a year for the record books. By continuing to work with passionate and dedicated franchisees, there’s no doubt that the Famous Toastery brand will break into new markets going forward,” said Maynard. “We’re looking forward to pushing our development efforts outside of our base in the Southeast over the course of the next year.”

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