New Product Spotlight: Lobster BLT
New Product Spotlight: Lobster BLT

Famous Toastery is celebrating the coming of summer with a delectable new sandwich.

The summer sunshine is beaming down and Famous Toastery is celebrating with several light and fresh menu items for the season.

With an emphasis on seafood and salads, the North Carolina-based better breakfast concept’s summer menu specials are packed with flavor and refreshment. A standout among the summer specials is the Lobster BLT, a new addition to the restaurant’s lunch menu.

The franchise, which got its start with a focus solely on breakfast, has gradually transitioned into offering brunch and now lunch menu items. Chef Eric Argabrite has developed fresh and innovative recipes to crossover some ingredients from breakfast to lunch items. With people’s natural craving for fresh seafood in the summer, the Lobster BLT was a seamless addition this season.

The BLT is made with Hormel Old Smokehouse Bacon, which tantalizes taste buds with juxtaposition between wholesome, sugary notes and salty bite; velvety Boston bibb lettuce; crisp tomato slices; fresh Maine lobster (flown in daily) and Old Bay mayo all on a country white bread with a side of mixed field greens and balsamic vinaigrette. The Lobster BLT is light, yet fulfilling, with an explosion of perfectly harmonized flavors.

“There aren’t many breakfast and lunch places that serve seafood, let alone fresh lobster flown in daily,” Famous Toastery co-founder Brian Burchill said. “Our customers have really loved this sandwich so far. We are fulfilling a need for people who crave fresh seafood during lunch, with fresh lobster meat no less.”

The Lobster BLT will appear regularly as a weekend special through the summer.