Fast Casual: Egg shortage 2015: How is your restaurant coping?
Fast Casual: Egg shortage 2015: How is your restaurant coping?

Franchise industry continues to cope with egg shortage.

Whataburger recently returned to normal breakfast hours after being forced to limit them in the face of a national egg shortage, according to Fast Casual.

"We know it’s been a tough couple of weeks for our customers, but we’re really grateful for their support while we worked to build up our egg supply,” Whataburger COO Dino Del Nano was quoted as saying. “All of us at Whataburger are so happy to get back to normal and serve our full breakfast menu to customers during our usual breakfast hours from 11 p.m. to 11 a.m.”

Citing data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Fast Casual reported the price for combined regional weekly averages for large eggs more than doubled from the previous month. This is due to the spread of Avian Influenza, which has killed nearly 50 million bird deaths in various states, particularly in the Midwest.

Fast Casual recommended restaurants market their eggs as “organic, vegetarian-fed, cage-free and nutritionally enhanced” in order to acclimate consumers to the realities of rising prices, as opposed to focusing on the spread of disease.

Meanwhile, others are leaning on egg replacement solutions that are designed to mimic the flavor and texture of eggs.

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