Fast Casual: Noodles & Company Releases Rewards App
Fast Casual: Noodles & Company Releases Rewards App

NoodlesREWARDS app introduced to connect with customers and increase loyalty.

Noodles & Company joins the list of restaurants with their own mobile app. According to a recent Fast Casual article, the company is debuting a rewards program app, NoodlesREWARDS. After testing various rewards models, the brand’s new app lets customers view offer, promotions, the menu, and gives customers the ability to refer friends or order and pay ahead of time.

“The result of those efforts is NoodlesREWARDS, which was solely created to better connect with our guests and reward them for their continued loyalty and love for all things Noodles," said Jonathan Tress, VP of marketing at Noodles & Company.

In the app, users can scan their receipt to earn points for future purchases.

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