Fast Casual: Pei Wei calls out Panda Express in latest commercial
Fast Casual: Pei Wei calls out Panda Express in latest commercial

The brand has released an advertisement comparing the quality of its ingredients with that of its competitor.

Pei Wei has issued some fighting words targeted at Panda Express. According to a recent article in Fast Casual, Pei Wei has unveiled its new Wei Better Orange Chicken offering in order to compete with Panda Express.

The brand is promoting the freshness of their dish, emphasizing the fact that they steer clear of frozen ingredients. This is the point of differentiation from competitors that they are highlighting with the release. 

"We believe our guests should know what they're eating, and they deserve to have their meals freshly made with quality ingredients. We also believe Orange Chicken is best when it's prepared by experienced chefs. ... In short, we know our Orange Chicken is Wei Better," said CMO  Brandon Solano. 

In order to introduce the newest offering, the brand has kicked off an advertising campaign with a commercial featuring their new tiger mascot. The advertisements are designed to be funny, while also offering a serious look into the brand's commitment to fresh quality. The commercial takes a stab at a competitor, Panda Express, through the mascot's friend, Panda. In the commercials, Panda admits that he's been converted to a fan of Pei Wei because of their fresh ingredients. He goes on to say that Panda Express uses frozen dark meat in their dishes.

By finding a creative angle and turning a point of differentiation into something humorous, the brand has turned a competitive ad into something more lighthearted. This tactic can be applied by brands within the franchise industry in order to put a unique, consumer-friendly spin on their marketing efforts. 

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