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Fast Casual: Positive Loitering: How Fast Casuals Can Increase Customer Dwell Time, Spend with Digital Signage

Why the digital signage trends isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

The trend of using digital signage in restaurants has increased as operators recognize the opportunities to market and brand more flexibly. According to Fast Casual, the other major incentive for in-restaurant digital signage is that it could encourage an increase in dwell times and spending amongst customers.

Fast Casual lists the four main areas for digital signage usage at restaurants: drive thrus, indoor queue lines, menu boards and in and around the dining area. A major benefit of these types of signage is that it may reduce the perceived amount of time a customer waits by giving them something to focus on other than the length of the line or time it takes to get their food.

“By encouraging longer dwell times and shorter perceived dwell/wait times through digital signage, your chain can increase the overall spend per guest and amplify engagement — ensuring the customer will be back,” writes Fast Casual.

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