Fast Casual: Subway CEO Stepping Down
Fast Casual: Subway CEO Stepping Down

Suzanne Greco will retire on June 30

Subway CEO Suzanne Greco is retiring.

According to an article on, the three-year CEO will step down on June 30. Subway’s current chief business development officer, Trevor Haynes, will take over as interim CEO until a new CEO is appointed.

Haynes, a 12-year brand veteran, will work closely with Greco until her departure. Greco will continue to serve as a senior advisor to the company after her retirement.

The news of Greco’s departure arrives after last week’s announcement that an undisclosed number of franchisee-owned Subway locations would be closing.

Subway released the following statement regarding Greco’s retirement:

“We would like to express our deep appreciation to Suzanne for her lifetime of service in building Subway into one of the world's greatest successes. She was there when the first sandwich shop opened, and as CEO she focused on helping the company adapt to a more competitive and dynamic environment. As we work with Suzanne on a smooth transition for the business we cherish, we are grateful for her extraordinary contributions and her insightful and dedicated leadership. We are optimistic about the brand and look forward to working with the next CEO to ensure a robust future for the company.”

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