Fortune: Marshmallows are the hot new thing in 'fine dining'
Fortune: Marshmallows are the hot new thing in 'fine dining'

The classic s’mores ingredient is getting a fine dining upgrade.

The humble marshmallow is no longer reserved for the campfire. The sticky white puffballs are now being used in unexpected ways in restaurants across the country.

“I like marshmallows when appropriate to the dish, as a flavor release vehicle,” Chef Jason Bond of Bondir Cambridge, a Cambridge, Massachusetts farm-house style fine dining restaurant that uses marshmallows in soup, told Fortune.

Chef Bond and other chefs around the country have been experimenting with this unexpected treat in new food and beverage recipes. After realizing how easy marshmallows were to make, Chef Bond began creating his own Ras el Hanout marshmallows. Bond told Fortune that his use of marshmallows has sparked interest and curiosity from diners — and it’s a selling point.

“[Marshmallows] put familiarity on the table and have guests transferred to their youth,” Chef Phillip Foss of the Michelin-starred Chicago’s El Ideas told Fortune.

In addition to adding marshmallows to restaurant menus, the fluffy treat is making its way onto cocktail menus to add a new dimension to drinks.

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