FOX Business: Small-Business Confidence Boosted by Trump Election
FOX Business: Small-Business Confidence Boosted by Trump Election

Reports show that small-business owners have a more confident outlook about business conditions after the November election.

Reports on Tuesday showed that small business owners felt more confident about their place in the economy during the month of November. Following president-elect Donald Trump’s victory, many business owners have an improved outlook and expect sales gains.

According to FOX Business, the National Federation of Independent Business’s small-business optimism index increased from 94.9 in October to 98.4 in November. Since 2011, this is the highest month-to-month jump and the second-highest rating in that time. The Wall Street Journal surveyed economists who said they expect that number to increase to 97.

Small business in the U.S. accounts for around half of the economic output. Now economists are trying to predict future hiring and wage trends, like an increase in employment and inventories, real sales gains and continued climbing optimism.

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