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Franchise Influencers: Adam Povlitz, CEO and President, Anago Cleaning

As part of our annual Influencer Issue, 1851 Franchise has enlisted the help of the franchise community to compile a list of the top people making moves in the franchise industry.

By Savannah BilboStaff Writer
Updated 9:09AM 03/13/23

Adam Povlitz


At Anago, they make the dream of business ownership a reality by helping franchisees secure a future in the recession-resistant and exploding industry of franchised commercial cleaning. They’re in the business of putting people in business, and that's what Povlitz loves about what he does. Cleaning isn’t sexy. But they know there’s a “diamond in the dirt” of the business. The ultimate reward is seeing families achieve financial success through their franchise business growth. They have a rich history of innovation, technology and a passion to offer entrepreneurs a world-class franchise system. When Povlitz decided to join Anago, the business his father founded in 1989, he made his son start from the ground up as a call center employee by day and franchisee’s assistant by night. He did every job from cleaning to customer service to sales before he moved up to the corporate office and eventually worked his way up to CEO. Throughout his journey, he learned not to be afraid to get his hands dirty, whether that meant the cleaning business or not. There’s such a value in learning everything there is to learn from the ground up. The Anago franchisee success stories have demonstrated that anyone can work their way up from the bottom, dig in, and continue learning and growing to reach financial freedom.

About Anago: As a franchised commercial cleaning and disinfecting company, Anago provides a fully developed (and highly successful) business structure for those who are entrepreneurial-minded to build and run their own business—both at the local level for unit franchise owners and at a regional level for master franchise owners. Anago master franchise owners are white-collar business executives with a solid background in sales and/or marketing. They own the rights to a large, exclusive metropolitan territory where they recruit unit franchises, and manage their sales team tasked with securing commercial cleaning and disinfecting contracts. Master franchisees enjoy seven different sources of revenue and enjoy working typically Monday through Friday 9-5, focusing on building and growing their empire and mentoring their unit franchisees. Anago unit franchise owners, meanwhile, are small business owners who have the flexibility to work as much or as little as they prefer, growing their businesses as quickly or slowly as they’d like. They are independently owned and operated commercial cleaning and disinfecting businesses. As their businesses grow, they create jobs for others in their community. Learn more at

Total Locations: 1,500+

Investment Range: $219K - $339K

Franchise Website: