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Franchise Influencers: Kristin Kidd, Vice President of Operations, The Lash Lounge

As part of our annual Influencer Issue, 1851 Franchise has enlisted the help of the franchise community to compile a list of the top people making moves in the franchise industry.

By Savannah BilboStaff Writer
8:08AM 03/08/23

Kristin Kidd

Vice President of Operations

Building a culture of positive leaders and owners is Kristin’s core focus. “Positive leaders outperform negative leaders every time,” according to her. Kristin is a versatile, thoughtful and creative executive with experience growing emerging multi-location brands. Her background in software and startups make her a well-rounded and inspiring team leader. Kristin has consistently led teams to see significant increases year over year through effective and positive coaching.

About The Lash Lounge: The Lash Lounge is a premier eyelash salon franchise, specializing in custom lash extensions, lash lifts, tinting, threading and more. The Lash Lounge is a luxurious and relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life—a welcome invitation to take some much-needed “me time”!

The Lash Lounge developed an exclusive lash design technique to create custom lash looks for every guest that celebrates and elevates each individual’s natural beauty. Each appointment begins with a consultation, where expert stylists work together with guests to design the perfect lash look. All Lash Lounge stylists complete an extensive training program that graduates experts in technical lash application and artistry, while always prioritizing the safety and health of guests’ natural lashes. The Lash Lounge’s services drastically cut down on morning makeup routines and leave guests confident that, whatever the day brings them, they’ll look and feel their best. The Lash Lounge was created by founder and CIO Anna Phillips in 2006, the result of her passion for helping women feel better about themselves and wanting to offer the same business opportunity to others. The first Lash Lounge salon opened in 2006 and quickly grew into three locations in two short years. The Lash Lounge went on to pioneer this new express service niche in the franchising world in 2009 and has gained a nationwide reputation as the best in the business.

Total Locations: 125+

Investment Range: $227,366-505,345

Franchise Website: