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Franchise Influencers: Wes Barefoot, President, Path To Freedom

As part of our annual Influencer Issue, 1851 Franchise has enlisted the help of the franchise community to compile a list of the top people making moves in the franchise industry.

By Savannah BilboStaff Writer
9:09AM 03/10/23

Wes Barefoot


WHAT I DO: I help investment-minded individuals get an unvarnished look at franchise ownership, and guide them through franchise selection so they can build additional revenue streams.

WHAT MAKES ME UNIQUE: I’m an educator and a facilitator. I’m not trying to convince anyone about franchise opportunities.

INSIDER PERSPECTIVE: As the co-owner of two franchises with my wife, and having worked for multiple successful franchises on the corporate level, I know the franchise industry from both sides of the table.

COACHING AND GUIDANCE: I help people discern if franchise ownership is the right choice for their goals and lifestyle, and guide them through the process of selecting and financing their new business.

NO SALES ZONE: I see myself as a teacher and a coach, and my goal is that any time spent with me brings you a valuable return, whether they work together or not.

WHO I WORK WITH: I help investment-minded individuals who want to learn how franchises can fit their desire to work for themselves or just create a new, semi-absentee, wealth-building engine.

About Path To Freedom: The process of identifying and investigating a franchise business can be very overwhelming. Similar to buying a house, many people choose to enlist the help of a professional to help them sort through thousands of options and narrow in on options that are more likely to be a good fit for them. At Path To Freedom, that's exactly how I help the people I work with. Why try to take on this complex process on your own when you could have the help from someone who has spent years working in franchising and owns multiple franchises themselves?