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Franchise Times: Round Table Pizza Opens Its First Delivery-Only Restaurant

For the first time, an existing Round Table Pizza® franchisee is operating a concept with no storefront out of a shared-kitchen facility.

By Carley ChanaContributor
SPONSORED 9:21PM 06/03/21

According to a recent Franchise Times article, Round Table Pizza® has signed on with CloudKitchens, a shared-kitchen provider, to make its initial entrance into virtual operations. According to FAT Brands, Quick Service Restaurant Division's chief development officer Chris Cheek, he is currently seeing good traction across the parent company’s brands, which include brands such as Great American Cookies®, Marble Slab Creamery*® and Hot Dog on a Stick® and is excited about the new concept. 

"COVID only accelerated that demand for convenience, and we don't see that wavering too much. The fact that you can go into an environment like this that is 100% delivery, you can open a store in the fraction amount of time for a fraction of the cost," Cheek said in the article. "Your expectations would be approaching similar sales or at least sales that make it attractive — that’s got to be part of any brand going forward."

Strategic thought went into the new real estate concept to make it work in a smaller space. However, according to Cheek, they didn't cut corners on quality. Current franchisee Laticia Vasquez, who will own the new restaurant, still makes dough in the 250- to 300-square-foot space, but she is only serving the best-selling, core menu items.

Given the limited space, Vasquez noted there's not room for a typical supply delivery; however, most issues were solved fast, and if it gets really busy, she said she can just get a quick delivery from her brick-and-mortar location close by.

Vasquez will reassess the model and the space in six months to a year so she can sort through the finances better. As of now, sales are growing, and customers who would drive miles to her other location are happy to have a new delivery option. She is even thinking about growing the menu as her team gets used to the smaller space.

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