Franchisee Spotlight: Debbie Presley of WORKOUT ANYTIME
Franchisee Spotlight: Debbie Presley of WORKOUT ANYTIME

Interested in pursuing her own business aspirations, in addition to her passion for fitness, Debbie Presley will be bringing WORKOUT ANYTIME to Gallatin, Tennessee, this summer.

Debbie Presley has always been a health advocate and will be opening WORKOUT ANYTIME in Gallatin, Tennessee, this summer.

Inspired to better her and her family’s health, Presley lost nearly 30 pounds from doing high-intensity workouts in her home. With the desire to start a new business venture, she began searching for potential opportunities.

After hearing about WORKOUT ANYTIME, Presley decided that the franchise perfectly aligned with her aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur. She reached out to the corporate team and appreciated the personal touch and encouragement WORKOUT ANYTIME provided its clients. In no time at all, Debbie signed on as a franchisee to help the community get fit and stay healthy.

Can you tell me a little bit more about your background?

I grew up in Nashville and tried school but decided instead to become a travel agent, which I did for many years. When I had our second child, I worked a variety of jobs in the school system to be close to my children. I have been a health advocate my entire life and have always looked at working out as a way to better myself both physically and mentally. Our youngest is seven and for the last few years I have said that I wanted to go back to work and do something that I enjoy.

I lost 30 pounds a few years ago by simply working out. I live a healthy lifestyle but it was the amount and type of workouts that really made a difference for me.

How did you hear about WORKOUT ANYTIME and what made you choose to get involved?

I have been exploring different business opportunities for a while and recently won a few classes to a local gym that focus on high-intensity workouts. I really liked the concept but when evaluating the model, I was concerned about success. When I learned of WORKOUT ANYTIME and their model, I fell in love with it quickly. It allowed me the opportunity to fulfill my goals while also providing a healthy option to the local community.

When I met with the corporate team, I could tell how amazing they are and how much support they offered their franchisees. WORKOUT ANYTIME provides a personal experience to ensure members do not feel just like another number and it also establishes a relationship that really encourages people to exercise.

If you were to speak with someone who’s considering signing on with WORKOUT ANYTIME, what advice would you give them?

I would say stay focused and be patient. My whole purpose is to help others and I would also tell potential franchisees to do what you love and something you are passionate about.

Why is Gallatin the perfect market for your WORKOUT ANYTIME business?

There is a strong demand for another fitness facility in the area as there is only one other one here. I really believe WORKOUT ANYTIME will provide a personal experience that the community will value and appreciate.                 

What’s next for you and your business?

My main goal is to get this one up and going. There is availability in the area to expand and we would love to but nothing is for sure yet. We are going to see how this first location goes and are open to the idea of expanding with such a great brand.