Franchisee Success: How Paul McCulloch became successful with Smoothie King
Franchisee Success: How Paul McCulloch became successful with Smoothie King

Paul and his wife Paula found success with the Smoothie King franchise with great people and a great location.

When Paul McCulloch’s son told his parents they should open a Smoothie King, Paul and his wife Paula took the suggestion seriously. Fast forward to today, and the McCulloch’s are one of the largest Smoothie King franchisees in the country, with plans to keep growing.

It was his son’s suggestion as well as Paula’s interest in health and wellness that led the family to consider investing in the franchise.

“We were a health conscious family before others were doing it,” said Paul. “My son—a football player in Brentwood [Tennessee]—suggested it and my wife agreed, so I called the franchise to check it out.”

When Paul started looking into the brand, he liked the people and the concept. He also started researching and found that the future of the country is moving toward eating on the go and having healthier options. It was the perfect growth opportunity for the McCulloch family.

After meeting with the Smoothie King team in New Orleans, they bought their first location and met a franchisee who was selling two stores. Paul bought them both while still building his first store. Now Paul and Paula have eight Smoothie King locations and have plans to have 15 in total in the Nashville area in the future.

“I think Smoothie King has a great product and a great formula and I’m grateful for the opportunity to grow with it,” said Paul. “Being in Nashville is a great spot to grow a great business in a great place with great people.”

According to Paul, it’s having a good location and good people that have been the most important lesson he’s learned as a franchisee. Paul suggests looking hard to find the right location for the business; otherwise it will be difficult to succeed. As well as hiring great people to treat employees and customers right.

“The formula is there; Smoothie King is a great concept,” said Paul. “Our job is to put it in a great location and find great people. You can’t have a one without the other; you have to do both to have a successful franchise.”

Paul credits hiring stellar managers who hire service and customer-oriented employees for his success. When a business is built on creating regular customers who view the Smoothie King product as a meal replacement, it’s important to make the customers feel like they are part of the family.

“The key is building your regulars who see [Smoothie King] as a meal replacement,” said Paul. “They will come back on a regular basis. Out people behind the counter know their name and start making their smoothies when they are pulling up so it’s ready. It’s kind of like Cheers.”

It’s that encouraging feeling that makes Paul love what he does.

“My favorite thing is when people ask you what you do—which tends to be a topic of conversation—saying you have a Smoothie King in town it brings a smile to someone’s face,” said Paul. “Many times they will say they love Smoothie King and tell you that they go there.”

In addition to bringing smiles to people’s faces, Paul enjoys helping people, young and old, develop healthier eating habits.