Franchisees Who Give Back: Joe Faretta of Champs Chicken
Franchisees Who Give Back: Joe Faretta of Champs Chicken

The Pennsylvania-area franchisee participates in a number of local charity campaigns.

With hundreds of locations across more than 38 states, there aren’t many markets in the U.S. where you can’t find a Champs Chicken. Still, Champs franchisee Joe Faretta says the brand has only just started to make a dent in the East Coast. He would know. Faretta has worked with the brand for eight years and owns his own location in Pennsylvania, where he has become a pillar of the local community. Faretta has developed partnerships with local businesses, participates in community events and contributes to numerous philanthropic campaigns.

1851 talked to Faretta to learn more about how and why he has remained so focused on community involvement. Here’s what he had to say.

What local charitable efforts have you pursued to connect with your local community?

Faretta: We have a number of different campaigns going on. Right now, we’re selling a private-label water, and 25 cents of each bottle goes to Love Inc, a non-profit that helps families in need. We started that about three months ago, and it’s already doing very well.

We also donate three cents of every single sale we make to breast cancer research, and that’s been going on for about six months.

How else are you involved with your community?

Faretta: We do a lot with the local library. They’ll have events for kids and we’ll bring hot dogs and drinks. We also work very closely with a number of local business. There is a cotton candy company and a pizza company whose products we sell, both retail and fresh. It helps us bring in the local flavor.

How does giving back to your local community help grow your business?

Faretta: The community really supports our business. Those efforts have increased our business by around 14 percent.

What are your best tips for marketing a local business?

Faretta: Find fun and creative ways to put your name out there. We’re having a food trailer built soon, and we’re going to send it out to sell Champs products around town. We also provide our water at 5K races and children’s events — things like that. That’s really helped us get our name out there while supporting good causes. The more you can do locally, the more you are going to win.

How effective are charitable efforts in growing your business?

Faretta: Extremely. Our foot traffic has increased substantially. By getting the local name out there, the local recognition alone has really increased our volume.

What advice would you give to other franchisees who are just starting their businesses to best set themselves up for success on the local level?

Faretta: Joining the chamber of commerce and getting involved with other local businesses is key. When we launch our new food trailer, we are going to take samples around to other businesses so they can see what we are about. It’s a great way to develop relationships and get your name out.