Franchise FastLane Launches Franchise Development Video Series to Share Industry Tips and Tricks
Franchise FastLane Launches Franchise Development Video Series to Share Industry Tips and Tricks

“Fast Tips in the FastLane” debuts on July 22 and will run every two weeks.

Franchise development is a crucial element of expanding a business, which is why lead generation company Franchise FastLane is rolling out “Fast Tips in the FastLane,” a video series for industry professionals. 

Franchise FastLane specializes in helping emerging brands with lead generation. Through the video series, the company will discuss recent experiences in the franchise development space and provide tips and tricks for success. 

“When we started Franchise FastLane a little over two years ago, we never imagined the company would be where it is today, with a team of over 20 employees representing 13 of the best brands in franchising and partnering with the top consultants in the industry,” Franchise FastLane president Carey Gille said. “FastLane is an ‘FSO’ (a franchise sales organization). Every day, we match strong franchise candidates with franchise brands—everything from fitness to beauty to senior care to service.” 

As CEO Ryan Zink states, Franchise FastLane executives have a combined 30-plus years of industry experience ranging from franchise ownership to the supplier side and beyond. 

Gille, whom Zink described as a “serial entrepreneur,” had already co-founded four companies by the time she was brought on in a franchise development role with the franchise brand Zink founded previously. 

“We grew that brand that Ryan co-founded very quickly—by over 200 territories in 18 months, actually,” Gille said. “We were named the second fastest-growing franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine, and Ryan and his partner went on to sell the brand to a private equity firm.” 

After that experience, Zink had a real desire to help other franchisors experience the same success he’d seen. “He was the one that came up with our company name, Franchise FastLane,” Gille said. “I loved it right away.”

Franchise FastLane is what Gille likes to call a “gas pedal” for franchise growth, and said most of the brands the company works with typically aim to open at least 100 territories. 

Gille continued, “The slogan, however, was mine: ‘You drive your business. We drive your growth.’”

By functioning as a full-service franchise development solution, Franchise FastLane takes a huge, time-consuming obligation off of its clients’ hands, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of their business. 

“Brands know their rentable space, their haircuts, their food, their cleaning, whatever,” Zink said. “They should stay focused on what they know well. We know franchise development and we do it really well. Our franchise partners put the full development load on us while they build the infrastructure and support needed for their franchisees.”

The “Fast Tips in the FastLane” video series will share key ingredients to franchise development success that Franchise FastLane employs and will begin by covering each step of Franchise FastLane’s sales process. 

“Topics will include things like structuring the FDD, referral programs, master franchise models and more,” Gille said. 

The video series will heavily feature various members of the Franchise FastLane team, most of whom, Zink noted, are previous franchisees or have helped build franchise companies. 

“Listen up. They’re good at what they do,” he said. 

See the teaser video here

To learn more about how to drive your brand’s franchise development efforts, visit https://www.franchisefastlane.com/.

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