FranConnect CEO Growth Summit on Tap
FranConnect CEO Growth Summit on Tap

The conference in Palm Beach, Florida, will help franchises find out how to take it to the next level.

Things are pretty great, so now what?

That’s the question that the FranConnect CEO Growth Circle Summit will help your business answer in November. The third annual CEO Growth Circle Summit will take place at a beautiful resort in Palm Beach, Florida, on Nov. 5th and 6th. Work on your tan, boost your business.

This exclusive event designed for CEOs and presidents of mature franchises with more than 100 units includes a two-day conference covering a blend of interactive presentations, open discussions and time for networking and relaxing, while tackling current challenges and solutions.

Keith Gerson, president and chief client officer for FranConnect, the No. 1 provider of franchise management systems with the most comprehensive franchising solution, says attendees can get exposed to some of the world’s leaders in business and renowned business authorities, giving them the chance to tackle the topics to which they can’t always get access.

Challenges are very real for these mid-sized to large organizations, Gerson says. “They want to talk to each other. They want to get to the next level.”

There will be useful panel discussions about how successful brands measure franchise sales, what are their contemporary metrics, where are they getting the best bang for their buck.

“They will be sitting with people who have walked in their shoes,” he says.

Jania Bailey, CEO of FranNet and one of the conference advisers, says that now is a challenging and exciting time for franchises.

“The Growth Circle Summit should be a lively event this year. There are a multitude of issues facing our industry that each franchise executive must face,” she says. “The summit will be a forum for discussing growing your brand the right way. Being sure your infrastructure is prepared to support growth and how to know when to grow are always topics of interest.”

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