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How FranNet Franchise Consultants Became the of the Franchise Industry

With 75 consultants throughout the U.S. and Canada, FranNet has paired thousands of entrepreneurs with franchise opportunities. But it’s more than just speed dating.

By Paul Mueller1851 Franchise Contributor
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Relationships are complicated. The franchisor-franchisee marriage is no different. For two parties to form a successful partnership, they must align in key areas, elevate each other in different ways and share the same core values. For more than 35 years, FranNet’s experienced franchise consultants and brokers have paired franchisees with the perfect business opportunities to meet their goals.

“We have been called the of the franchise industry,” said Jania Bailey, FranNet’s chief executive officer. “We are doing a matchmaking process, like a head-hunter would. We have clients coming to us who want to start a business, and we have a portfolio of franchise owners who need franchisees. Our job is to understand the needs and goals of both, find the overlap and make the connection.”

With 75 consultants throughout the U.S. and Canada, FranNet franchise consultants have helped thousands of entrepreneurs across North America start their own businesses through franchise ownership. But it’s more than just speed dating. It’s a methodical approach of diving deep into the needs and desires of both the franchisor and franchisee to spark a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

According to the 2022 Annual Franchise Development Report, franchisee leads that come directly to franchisors have a close rate in the 3% range. When using a franchise broker, like FranNet, that close rate rises to 17%, demonstrating the value consultants and brokers provide industry-wide.

Why Franchisors Use FranNet

When working with franchisors, FranNet starts by doing a thorough background check and building a company profile. This discovery process includes interviewing key executives, reviewing franchise disclosure documents and dissecting a brand’s top performers, breaking them down to find the common traits that make their best franchisees successful. They’ll also look at which franchisees are struggling, and why. By identifying negative key indicators, they can spot potential red flags in franchisees early in the matchmaking process, making sure franchisors are getting only the most qualified referrals with the highest upside.

The firm also considers key indicators such as level of franchisor support, required startup capital and other prerequisites — things that are unique to each brand. Once this discovery process is complete, FranNet will build a comprehensive ideal franchisee profile based on the individual franchisor’s needs and goals.

But FranNet won’t take just any franchisor.

“We turn down over a hundred concepts a year,” said Bailey. “Not because they’re bad, but because they may not be the right fit for our clients. We're constantly reviewing franchisors and trying to get what we know have been the best fits for the majority of our clients.”

Express Employment Professionals, a staffing company with over 800 locations nationwide, all franchises, has been working with FranNet for over 20 years.

“I think one of the most important things for any franchisor is finding the right people,” said Viny Provenzano, vice president of franchising at Express. “We've gotten some of the top-tier franchisees in our system from our partnership with FranNet. Our company would not be what it is today without them.”

With a portfolio of over 250 franchisors, there’s a good chance that no matter the skill set of an individual franchisee, FranNet has an opportunity that will work for both them and the brand.

Why Prospective Franchisees Use FranNet

With over 3,800 franchise concepts in the marketplace, it can be difficult for a prospective franchisee to know where to even begin. Most people, according to Bailey, gravitate toward what they’re familiar with, which is mostly restaurant and retail concepts because they’re the most visible.

But franchising is more than just food and retail stores.

“There’s a lot to weed through,” said Bailey. “So we reverse engineer. We start with you. We get inside your head, inside your heart. Find out your skill sets, your goals, your budgets, and we start matching from there. Because if you’re only going off what you know instead of digging deeper to find the concept that best fits your goals, that’s really not a good business-decision-making thought process.”

FranNet uses its own proprietary tool to build franchisee profiles and begin the matchmaking process. It's called the Entrepreneur Readiness Profile, and it's been developed over the last 30 years. It started as a handwritten tool and it's developed into an electronic assessment that clients can take online.

“It’s a little bit of a DiSC personality test, a little bit of a Myers-Briggs, all rolled in with specific entrepreneurial questions to help us get into somebody's head and heart to determine what's going to be the best route for them,” said Bailey.

After the assessment, a FranNet consultant meets one-on-one with a client to dig deeper into the kind of business they want to run, as well as what their goals are outside of their business, to make sure the concept they choose fits the lifestyle they want. Once they’ve painted a 360-degree picture of the franchisee’s goals and preferences, they’ll come to the table with up to four options for the franchisee to pursue, and they’ll coach the franchisee on how to effectively vet each brand to help them make the best decision possible.

Oftentimes, Bailey says, FranNet clients end up paired with concepts they had no knowledge of and likely would have never discovered on their own.

You Can Buy a FranNet Franchise, Too

FranNet consultants are franchisees themselves. Many of them come from the franchise industry in some capacity, but others come with no experience or even knowledge of the industry.

“I started with FranNet as a client myself,” said Amanda Berry, a consultant in the Louisville, Kentucky market. “I came from 10 years of experience with the federal government. I didn’t know how to go about opening a business. I'd never been a business owner before. I just knew that I had the desire, and then I found FranNet.” 

When Berry was a client, her franchise consultant, Thom Crimans, helped her build her profile and an ideal business model that fit her unique needs.

“He helped me figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up,” said Berry. “He became a trusted advisor, and at the end of the day, after I did some due diligence and looked at several different businesses, I decided I liked the FranNet business model the best.”

After going through the FranNet process with Crimans, Berry bought into her own FranNet franchise, buying Crimans out and taking over his territory. Crimans stayed on to work with Berry for three years, continuing to mentor her as she built her FranNet business before retiring in December 2021.

“When I chose FranNet, I chose it because of the reputation,” said Berry. “I liked how they did things. I liked that they have a system and that they have a lot of integrity. And I just liked the business model. I don’t think I could have ended up in a better place.”

Berry joined FranNet as a consultant in 2017 and is now part of a team of 75 consultants serving clients in the U.S. and Canada. Now, in 2022, FranNet has no plans of slowing down, as the firm is poised for further growth this year.

“We're going to be adding a lot of new people this year,” said Bailey. “We're refining our models, so there's going to be some tweaks and changes, and some big announcements coming soon. Overall, FranNet is in expansion mode for 2022. We’re excited about the road ahead.”