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FranX | Mistakes To Avoid When Franchising Your Business

Learn to create a viable business and find franchising success in this episode of FranX.

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
Updated 5:17PM 08/19/22

Expanding your business through franchising may be your dream, but getting there requires extensive planning, resources and adaptability.

Mainland* CEO Nick Powills and franchise lawyer Charles N. Internicola discuss common franchising mistakes and five areas of opportunity for early-stage franchises to consider:

  1. Trust, but verify. When discussing with consultants, ask for references and evidence to support their claims.
  2. Have a five-year business plan. Don’t just rely on brokers or luck.
  3. Come to the table properly capitalized. Plan to have half a million dollars to start franchising your business.
  4. Show that you have a culture that will drive margin for your franchisees. Invest in providing a culture of support.
  5. Have a business model that works. Growth isn’t possible if the business doesn’t bring in revenue.

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