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FranX | The Economy Can Make or Break Franchise Brands

Some took advantage in 2008. Some didn't. Some took advantage during COVID. Some didn't. Some are going backward now -- some are pressing forward. What can happen to franchise brands when there is turbulence in the economy?

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
Updated 11:11AM 11/04/22

When turbulence hits, you have two choices: You can do something about it, or you can do nothing about it. That tends to be the case with franchising.

In this episode of FranXMainland* CEO Nick Powills and franchise lawyer Charles N. Internicola discuss critical decisions during times of economic downturn and the consequences of those decisions.

In 2008, Marco’s Pizza went from being relatively unknown to being one of the leaders in the pizza industry. During that time, they invested significantly more resources into franchise development. The result? Marco’s Pizza has created sustainable buzz and a network of franchisees that are expanding within their system.

The lesson here is that it isn’t always wise to pump the breaks when times get tough. Scaling back during a difficult economy can result in stunted growth later on.

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