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FranX | What you must know about blind due diligence

Franchisors chase last click – BUT, last click only happens if the other things are operating well. Lock-up your blind due diligence.

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
Updated 5:17PM 01/14/22

The Next McDonald's (Big Idea)

The Best Franchise Development Strategy is Coaching Your Franchisees


What distinguishes winning franchise systems from the rest?


They coach their franchisees. They implement and live, in their actions and culture, a mindset of proactively mentoring, teaching, and monitoring the performance of their franchisees. They build a cadence of coaching and mentoring that starts on day one and is consistently implemented throughout the franchise relationship.

Coaching and mentorship sets expectations, builds a positive force of franchisee accountability and created a winning system. It’s turns individual unit franchisees into multi-unit operators, that in-turn increase the cash flow and enterprise value of your franchise system, and supercharges validation and franchise development.

If you’re not consistently coaching franchisees, you're missing the biggest idea ever and the entire reason for franchising.

  • Are you coaching your franchisees?
  • Is coaching and mentorship a part of your culture?
  • What actions will you be taking this quarter?

News You Can (Actually) Use

Killer Brands


Tint World - With over 100 Automotive Styling Centers, Tint World is the industry and franchise leader in the automotive accessory and service industry. This franchise offers an extensive track record, experienced leadership team, and financial performance that make Tint World the perfect opportunity for multi-unit franchisees. The Tint World FDD provides complete transparency with detailed disclosures that include AUV’s and EBITDA.

Franchisees Kicking Ass: The Franchisee Is King

The Great Franchisee: Yuni Alvarez, Dog Training Elite*, Dallas

The former health club manager is fulfilling her dream of working with animals full-time as one of the mobile dog training franchise’s newest owners.

Yuni Alvarez spent a decade working in the health and fitness industry as a health club manager, but she says her personal passion has always been for dogs. Now, Alvarez is turning that passion into a new career as one of the newest franchisees with Dog Training Elite*, the 63-plus-unit mobile dog training franchise that is rapidly becoming one of the country’s leading obedience and specialized training brands.


Yo Broker, Sell My Franchise

How I Franchised My Business: The Carpet Chemist Founder and CEO Brandon Cerrito

The Carpet Chemist CEO and founder discussed filling a niche in the traditional carpet-cleaning industry and creating demand for franchising.

Brandon Cerrito, Founder and CEO of The Carpet Chemist, based out of Louisville, Kentucky, knew he wanted to fill a void in the marketplace and provide customers with an inexpensive alternative to carpet replacement. Cerrito’s first job, a national franchise where he worked for 10 years, was in carpet cleaning. By the time he left, he knew the carpet-cleaning business — what worked, what didn’t and what customers wanted. Setting out in 2018 armed with his decade of carpet-cleaning knowledge and a desire to fill a void in the industry, Cerrito started his own business, The Carpet Chemist, and is now an emerging franchise brand with plans for 22 locations by 2022.

“I didn't know anything about running a business, marketing, expenses or taxes. I learned every single thing — what not to do and also what to do,” said Cerrito. “I had my own little business and rebranded a couple of times as we changed the structure and services. And then in 2018, we decided that we really had something … Something that we should replicate to help other people that may be interested in the kind of work we do.”

The Bottom Thoughts

We were talking with a prospective franchisee this week (it’s fun to be the qualifier) and we asked about their due diligence. He is a former franchisee and looking for his next restaurant concept. Here’s what he said:

  1. I have been to a few different restaurants and wondered why there aren’t more
  2. I looked at the Website multiple times
  3. I read stories and content around the web and see that the brand is excited about growth

Point 1 – four wall marketing, community marketing, value of your business.

Point 2 – was excited about the brand’s look, feel and details.

Point 3 - looked at the leadership, the content – all before becoming a prospect.

All points are blind due diligence – meaning, you, Mr./Ms. Franchisor had no idea this prospect was engaged in discovery. This is why you need to care about your brand story and the way it is presented to prospects out in the world.

What you should know about blind due diligence and ghost prospects?

  1. They are in your stores
  2. They are your customers
  3. They are on your Website
  4. They are looking for your story
  5. They are NOT ready to inquire

Franchisors chase last click – BUT, last click only happens if the other things are operating well. Lock-up your blind due diligence.

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