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Fresh Coat Franchisee Partners With Fresh Coat Cares To Support Pediatric Cancer Patients in Tampa

In collaboration with the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Matt Boden is painting more than walls — he’s painting a brighter future for children affected by cancer.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 8:08AM 06/26/24

Fresh Coat Painters franchisee Matt Boden is turning his passion for painting into a vehicle for community support and compassion. Through the Fresh Coat Cares program, Boden is making a significant impact by providing free painting services to children affected by cancer, partnering with the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation (NPCF) in Tampa, Florida.

The Journey To Fresh Coat 

Boden’s path to Fresh Coat Painters is as inspiring as his community work. After spending 20 years in the restaurant industry, progressing from bartender to owner-operator, Boden found himself yearning for a change. His longtime hobby of painting offered the perfect transition.

“I wanted to start spending more time with my family, and I wanted to be able to watch my kids grow up,” said Boden. “I enjoy serving clients and utilizing my entrepreneurial spirit though, so I knew I wanted to stay in business wherever it was possible. That’s when I found Fresh Coat.”

Boden appreciated the turnkey nature of the franchise model, which allowed him to leverage corporate support while focusing on what he loved most — painting and community service.

“In my prior career, I always partnered with local organizations because having that community outreach was so important for the business,” said Boden. “When I heard about Fresh Coat Cares, it made my decision to join the franchise even easier.” 

Making a Difference Through Fresh Coat Cares

Fresh Coat Cares is a corporate responsibility initiative that encourages franchisees to give back to their communities. It provides $500 worth of paint and $500 worth of labor for charitable projects. Franchisees are encouraged to connect with local organizations that resonate with their personal values and community needs.

Since launching his Fresh Coat franchise in North Tampa, Boden has been actively involved in the community. Last year, he discovered the NPCF, a local foundation dedicated to funding research to eliminate childhood cancer. Their aim is to find less toxic, more effective treatments through a unique collaborative research initiative called the Sunshine Project, which brings together the nation’s top doctors and researchers to find a faster cure for pediatric cancer. Since its inception, the NPCF has donated over $30 million to research and has funded over 28 project initiatives.

Through Fresh Coat Cares, Boden partnered with the NPCF to offer pro bono services, painting rooms for children impacted by cancer. 

“The partnership has been going great so far,” Boden said. “We sponsored a local fashion show to raise awareness and money, for example, and we already painted the room of a child named Antebellum while she was in school. She came home and was so blown away — the walls were her favorite color and we got a giant stuffed animal waiting for her. It was really a special experience.”

A Program With Heart

For Boden, partnering with the NPCF isn’t just a professional endeavor — it is a cause that hits very close to home. 

“I have cancer myself — 12 years in remission now,” Boden said. “I know how deeply this disease impacts both individuals and their families. This is a great foundation and it was really important for me to find a way to help them on their mission and give back to my community.”

Looking ahead, Boden is excited about the future and plans to continue his charitable efforts. “Short term, we are excited to help these 10 children we’ve lined up,” he said. “I would really encourage any Fresh Coat franchise owner to take advantage of community outreach programs. It really helps drive awareness and allows you to make a difference at the same time.”

Overall, the collaboration between Boden and the National Pediatric Foundation is a testament to the power of community and is a perfect example of the type of connections the Fresh Coat Cares program fosters all across the country. 

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