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Franchise Dictionary Magazine: Russ Weldon--Green Home Solutions

The air-quality franchise shares why it stands out in the home service franchise space.

Joining a home service brand is a unique and fulfilling career opportunity. Not only is there a high demand for trustworthy professionals, but choosing to sign on with an established concept also lowers the operational costs compared to starting a business from scratch. 

One great example is Green Home Solutions, a company that uses plant-based enzymes to get rid of mold and odors. Founder & Chief Cultural Officer Russ Weldon recently connected with Franchise Dictionary Magazine to talk about the concept and its launch.

"I saw that I could create a better mousetrap than what the competition was offering," said Weldon to Franchise Dictionary Magazine Editor in Chief Jill Abrahamsen. "We are safer, less expensive, and more effective than the competition. We offer clean, green ways to eliminate the problem. Why wouldn't customers choose us?"

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