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‘Green Home Solutions Saved my Life’ – Long-Time Customer Shares Her Road to Recovery with the Help of the Indoor Air Quality Franchise

After struggling with a serious mold-related illness for years, Lynne Parrault has finally found a way to live a healthier and more environmentally friendly life with the help of Green Home Solutions.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 3:15PM 01/29/18

“If it wasn’t for Green Home Solutions, I wouldn’t be here. Working with them saved my life.”

Outside of the medical field, it’s rare for a brand to receive that kind of feedback. So, when long-time customer Lynne Parrault said the above words about Green Home Solutions, it was hard not to take notice.

Parrault’s Green Home Solutions story starts long before the brand officially got involved. It begins with her illness, which she first started noticing after visiting her daughter’s house. Every time she went to visit her family, she noticed that she wouldn’t feel well after leaving. Her family was starting to get sick as well, so they decided to look into the problem. They found out it was mold, and decided to treat the house with traditional remediation. But even after treatment, Parrault’s illness wasn’t going away. She started feeling ill in her own townhome, and she immediately recognized that mold was the problem. After noticing that she had water coming in through a skylight, she reached out to her association to get it fixed. But even though there was mold in her ceiling, the traditional remediation once again proved unsuccessful—painter’s plastic wasn’t enough to shield Parrault from her worsening symptoms.

Eight months after that initial treatment, Parrault was taken out of her home by an ambulance. Her oxygen levels were alarmingly low, but unfortunately, the doctors told her that there wasn’t much they could do for her. It wasn’t until a friend came to visit that the hope of recovery became clear. Her friend recommended Green Home Solutions, and for Parrault, nothing has been the same since.

“Right away, I called the closest Green Home Solutions location. They came to my house that same day, and they couldn’t believe the horrible condition my home was left in by the other company. So, they got to work. They used their environmental products to treat my home, and as soon as I was able to move back in, I could notice a big difference in how I was feeling,” said Parrault. “I get choked up thinking about it to this day. I truly believe that God sent Green Home Solutions to me—they saved my life. And David Robles, the franchisee in my area, is a godsend. He still checks up on me and treats my house whenever there’s a new product or service to try out.”

As soon as Robles’ Green Home Solutions team treated Parrault’s home, she started to recover. And he’s kept in touch with her since that initial treatment to ensure that her health is staying on track—whenever Green Home Solutions rolls out a new product or service, Parrault is the first person Robles calls to ensure that she’s able to stay on the mend.

“Before I met David, I would literally wake up every morning choking because of this extreme buildup of mucus and fluid in my body. I would turn purple, and it would take hours to return to normal. My sister used to call me every morning just to make sure that I was alive,” Parrault said. “I’m far from the only person suffering from this disease. There’s an unspoken epidemic taking place across the country—people need to be more educated on mold. This is an issue that’s killing people, and patients are being misdiagnosed. That’s why I’m committed to working with Green Home Solutions. Even though I’m ill and some days are slow, this brand needs to be everywhere and its story needs to be told. People need to know that Green Home Solutions is an option for them—it’s truly saving lives.”

To kick start her mission to tell her Green Home Solutions story, Parrault shared her experience with the brand at its annual convention in 2017. And according to Russ Weldon, Green Home Solutions’ founder and chief cultural officer, it’s people like Parrault who continue to motivate every member of the brand’s team to succeed.

“You can’t help but feel inspired after listening to Lynne’s story. We have the rare opportunity to change people’s lives with the work that we’re doing on a day to day basis. Green Home Solutions is making a real difference while still being able to bring costs down and bring results up through a profitable business model. The chance to be a part of something like this doesn’t come around often, and it’s incredibly rewarding to be a part of it,” said Weldon. “At the end of the day, our franchisees are able to do good while also making money. That’s a game changer for us and for our business, and it’s what will continue to motivate us going forward. We’re honored to be in a position to be able to help people like Lynne lead a better—and healthier—life.” 

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