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How Green Home Solutions Tackles Air Quality Problems in the Community

How the brand’s indoor air quality services deliver results for home industry, functional medicine and other commercial clients

By Madeline LenaStaff Writer
SPONSORED 1:13PM 11/21/18

As society trends toward a more-health conscious state, people’s awareness and consciousness of what is being put into their bodies is extending beyond the grocery aisle. For Green Home Solutions, the need for cleaner, healthier indoor air environments now means more than just making house calls. Responding to this greater overall concern about indoor air quality has required the brand to broaden its client base to serve several commercial entities with its eco-friendly products and systems in addition to its large pool of residential customers.

Green Home Solutions Chief Development Officer Glen Snyder noted the brand’s presence is most established in the areas of real estate and functional medicine outside of its direct-to-consumer services. “Home industry professionals like home inspectors, real estate agents and commercial property managers all utilize our services,” he said. “Additionally, we do quite a bit with holistic and homeopathic doctors and other businesses like day care centers,” he added.

The benefits Green Home Solutions provides professionals in these industries are numerous. When it comes to the home industry, mold and odor are huge issues that can devalue a home on the market and derail its sale. “Anyone accustomed to the traditional mold remediation process knows how time consuming and costly it can be,” Snyder pointed out. Applying a system that identifies, attacks and removes the issue while improving air quality in the process is beneficial for every party involved in the sale, from seller, to real estate agent or commercial property manager, to home inspector, to buyer. “Green Home Solutions can cut the time down from weeks to days at 60 percent of the cost,” Snyder said. “What that means for realtors and home inspectors is that instead of a deal dying and the buyer walking away, the sale happens thanks to a solid, fast, reasonably-priced solution.”

Green Home Solutions has also experienced an influx of clients in the field of functional medicine due to its impact beyond just mold remediation. “We can help evaluate the environment people are spending time in, finding the things like mold and other problematic toxins that contribute to illness and eliminating them,” Snyder said. Sustained, high-quality delivery of cleaner and healthier air has improved the health of customers suffering from illnesses stemming from the presence of mold, as was the case with Lynne Parrault, who credits Green Home Solutions with saving her life.

“Our probiotic air quality maintenance and hospital-grade disinfectant are applicable and useful to any public facility,” Snyder noted. “These are great products for healthcare facilities and daycare centers alike because they sanitize and destroy bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella,” he added.

Snyder has found the Green Home Solutions is more often consulted after a problem arises than before, but he sees the influx of commercial clients as a sign of the cultural shift toward a more proactive pursuit of better air quality. “Without question, this greater focus on overall wellbeing applies to more than just the food we eat. Awareness about the importance of air quality is creating a larger market for maintenance and we provide the option that traditional mold remediation services cannot,” he said.

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