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New York Indoor Air Quality Improves with Expansion of Green Home Solutions

The brand welcomes two new franchisees to service the Plattsburg and Syracuse areas.

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
SPONSORED 9:09AM 09/19/18

2017 was a year of tremendous growth for Green Home Solutions, a brand that protects families and pets from air quality threats using environmentally-friendly tactics. The emerging franchise added 65 new units last year, while bringing 15 new franchisees on board.

After a strong first quarter of growth in 2018, Green Home Solutions plans to use the momentum to continue its upward trajectory. The brand is aiming to open 50 units this year, and New York’s two newest franchisees are excited to be a part of that growth.

Michael Stoeckle – franchisee of the Plattsburg, NY territory – grew up in Pittsburgh, a city that used to be called “The Smokey City” as a result of air pollution caused by the steel mills. As a former test engineer at IBM and pharmaceutical salesman, the science behind Green Home Solutions’ products and its ability to influence a cleaner environment is what really caught his eye.

“It amazes me that, in some cases, our team can be in someone’s house in the morning while they’re at work, and it can be safe for them to return in the same evening,” said Stoeckle. “That is unheard of for other companies who remove mold and improve air quality. Our products really work, and benefit not only the environment, but the consumers as well due to a shorter process overall.”

Even though Stoeckle was initially very impressed by Green Home Solutions’ products after hearing about the brand from an employee of the company while working at one of his former jobs, he still did his research.

Stoeckle spent time with the Green Home Solutions franchisees in Montpelier, VT to learn about the brand and was blown away by the experience. The existing franchisees weren’t incentivized to speak about the brand, but were instead, genuinely excited to share their thoughts and get Stoeckle on board with the team. If that wasn’t enough, Stoeckle also spoke with Glen Synder, CDO of Green Home Solutions, to have his remaining questions answered. He was amazed at the transparency and mindset of the entire brand.

“I am very excited about the growth of this brand, and I truly feel that our products and technology are the future of the air quality improvement industry,” said Stoeckle. “I feel like now is the perfect time to get on board with Green Home Solutions, and I can’t wait to help people improve the quality of their lives.”

Josh Mattingly – franchisee of the Syracuse territory – also did his research on Green Home Solutions prior to joining the brand, but his interest stemmed from skepticism as opposed to enthusiasm like Stoeckle.

Mattingly spent a decade working in property preservation and dealing with foreclosures, a background that many Green Home Solutions franchisees share. One of the houses that he was working on failed an air quality inspection, something he didn’t know existed beyond mold at the time. Green Home Solutions came in and quickly got the house up to code, but the efficiency and success of the brand’s work inspired Mattingly to investigate. He spent time learning from an existing franchisee in Rhode Island, and his skepticism quickly turned into belief in the brand and its products.

“Knowing the problem that exists in many buildings with mold, I was blown away by a product that can solve the problem in a safe and quick manner,” said Mattingly. “Every interaction that I have had with the brand has been positive and I am excited to be a part of something big. I believe this brand will experience rapid growth.”

As someone who was used to tearing down houses to remove mold, Mattingly loved the fact that Green Home Solutions’ products help avoid gut jobs and speed up the overall process of improving air quality. The efficiency is what ultimately sold him.

That belief is mutual for both Mattingly and Stoeckle. While Green Home Solutions and its products might seem futuristic to some, the brand is experiencing outstanding growth in the present.

In the eyes of New York’s two, newest franchisees, the time to get on board is now.

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