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Practitioners are Turning to Green Home Solutions as a Treatment Asset in Functional Medicine

How Green Home Solutions works with homeopathic and holistic doctors to provide a natural remedy to the indoor air quality of patients with illnesses stemming from the presence of mold.

By Madeline LenaStaff Writer
SPONSORED 9:21PM 10/08/18

Of the many characteristics that make Green Home Solutions a leader in the mold remediation space, its natural approach to delivering a sustained, high-quality air quality solution stands out as most prominent. In an increasingly health-conscious world, the brand is experiencing an influx of clients in the field of functional medicine due to its lasting impact on the indoor air quality of its client’s homes. All kinds of homeopathic and holistic doctors are turning to Green Home Solutions to provide better, more well-rounded service to their patients seeking a lasting, natural remedy to their lingering indoor air issues.

Our proprietary products address issues in a more natural way than conventional remediators,” Green Home Solutions Chief Development Officer Glen Snyder said. “Treatment is direct, fast-acting and highly effective, restoring our clients’ homes or offices to a fresher and more breathable state without the use of harsh chemicals,” he added.

Beyond the benefits for the commercial facilities themselves, Green Home Solutions works with functional medicine practitioners to provide cleaner and healthier air solutions to ailing patients. “We evaluate the environment people are spending time in, finding the things like mold and other problematic toxins that may contribute to illness and eliminating them with our quality maintenance products,” Snyder said.

Chris Cutter, a Green Home Solutions franchisee with multiple territories throughout Massachusetts, used the analogy of a fish in a fishbowl to depict how Green Home Solutions benefits clients. “Practitioners and doctors focus on making the fish healthy, but it’s all for naught if it returns to a dirty bowl. We address the dirty water in the bowl,” he explained.

Cutter and his partner Glenn Klausner have done extensive work with clients in the field of functional medicine seeking to address the impact of air quality and the overall environment with their patients. From a practitioner perspective, we’ve worked with naturopaths, homeopaths, natural healers, chiropractors, acupuncturists and experts in Chinese medicine, to name a few,” Cutter said. “They are focused on treating a patient’s ailments, but are also interested in their lifestyle: their stresses, eating and activity habits that impact their health. We come in where environment is concerned.”

Cutter said that in most cases, holistic practitioners enlist Green Home Solutions’ services in search of a safe way to address airborne pathogens and mold when other treatments they’ve enacted haven’t been effective. “Our natural treatment philosophy is in line with the values of functional medicine and yields remarkable improvements in our clients’ health,” Cutter said.

“In the health vertical, we use our traditional two-step mold remediation process,” Cutter explained. “First, we reset the ecology of the air in a space, eliminating pathogens and mold. At this point, the threat is gone, but the air is left in the hands of nature to take its course and either stay consistent or revert. Following up with a probiotic boost takes the responsibility away from nature to determine what comes to the clean space, keeps things healthy and fresh.”

With a service offering that gives people the opportunity to gain control of their environment, it’s no wonder Green Home Solutions has resonated with professionals in the field of functional medicine and their patients. “The message I present my customers with is, what are you sharing your air with?” Cutter said. “If you're noticing something stale or abnormal, don’t ignore it. Think about the impact it has on you and don’t settle. People are responding to the opportunity to give their home a clean slate.”

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