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Griswold Celebrates National Caregivers Day With Plans to Award up to $100,000 in Nationwide Scholarships to Caregivers this Year

In celebration of National Caregivers Day, the in-home senior-care brand has awarded up to $3,000 in scholarship to 16 qualified caregivers who intend to further their education in the increasingly crucial care-related field.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 10:10AM 02/20/24

BLUE BELL, PA – Griswold, the fast-growing non-medical home care franchise with over 170 locations, recently announced the winners of its 2023 National Caregiver Scholarship Program in partnership with its nonprofit organization, the Jean Griswold Foundation, in its second scholarship year. In celebration of National Caregivers Day on February 16th, Griswold introduced all 16 Winter Scholars in daily videos beginning January 31st. Combined with the Summer 2023 Scholars, Griswold awarded nearly $80,000 in scholarships to exceptional caregivers across the nation last year.

“This initiative is greatly benefiting many, including certified nursing assistants and caregivers aspiring for certification,” said Chair of the Jean Griswold Foundation and Griswold franchisee Maryanne Murray. “It positively impacts the lives of caregivers and their families, offering them opportunities for career growth and advancement. These caregivers generously give their time, embodying the heart and soul of our work. We aim to support them in every possible way. We're dedicated to acknowledging and aiding their efforts, showing our gratitude for the invaluable service they provide to our communities. Their dedication is truly vital to us.”

The 2023 Winter scholarship recipients are:

  • Bettina Conde, Northampton, MA: Pursuing an accelerated BSN degree, overcoming personal challenges, and demonstrating a lifelong commitment to public service and caregiving.
  • Vladyslav Pavlykha, Needham, MA: A dedicated CNA for a hospice company, seeking an Associate Degree in Nursing to advance his career in hospice care.
  • Gracie Azevedo, CA: Studying for a Bachelor's degree in Holistic Health Sciences, motivated by personal caregiving experiences and a deep passion for caregiving.
  • Kezia Sebuabe, New Castle, DE: Driven to become a nurse, inspired by personal family caregiving experiences and a desire to establish a clinic in Ghana.
  • Joy Otieno, Anoka, MN: A senior nursing student working as a caregiver, aiming to graduate and continue supporting people in their homes.
  • Kyarah Jackson, Atlanta, GA: Working as a caregiver while pursuing an associate's degree to become a registered nurse, inspired by personal experiences.
  • Kristina Marie Ebilane, Chevy Chase, MD: Aspiring to become an RN and NP, motivated by her caregiving experience with her grandparents.
  • Tracy Grubbs, Kent Sussex, DE: With extensive caregiving experience, she is pursuing a CNA certification to broaden her knowledge and abilities.
  • Ashton Comeaux, North Houston, TX: A mother and student aiming for a BSN degree, driven by a personal health challenge and a passion for caregiving.
  • Elizabeth Habtemariam, Lorton, VA: Seeking to enhance her caregiving skills through a medication aide certification, motivated by a career in social work and a commitment to the elderly.
  • Jenell Davenport, Plano, TX: Aiming to complete her GED and CNA training, driven by her passion for caregiving and desire to advance her education in the healthcare field.
  • Shawna Lee, Raleigh, NC: Pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work, inspired by her family's caregiving background and her desire to transition into caregiving.
  • Bendu Jegede, Raleigh, NC: A lifelong caregiver aiming to complete her nursing degree, inspired by personal experiences and a passion for serving humanity.
  • Peggy Elms, Scottsdale, AZ: Pursuing a CNA course to enhance her skills in caregiving, inspired by her commitment to care for others as she would have for her own parents.
  • Suzanna Osborne, Scottsdale, AZ: Aiming to become certified as a home health aide, driven by her experience as a caregiver for her grandmother and her passion for the profession.
  • Juanna Elliott, Wilmington, NC: Working towards a nursing education, motivated by her experiences in caregiving for her mother and her dedication to improving her knowledge in client care.

The Jean Griswold Foundation was founded in 2010 as a private nonprofit to support caregiving organizations in times of hardship, and was named after Dr. Jean Griswold to help carry on her legacy. In 2023, the Jean Griswold Foundation awarded nearly $80,000 in scholarships to 34 caregivers from across the country with amazing stories of perseverance and fortitude. Last year, the foundation successfully raised over $150,000 to fund 2024 scholarships.

“When Jean Griswold started this company in 1982, her goal was to give back,” said Murray. "We founded the Jean Griswold Foundation as a tribute to her compassionate legacy. She deeply cared for the clients she served and was equally committed to supporting the caregivers, who are indispensable to our mission."

Additionally, Murray says these kinds of caregiver-focused initiatives help further position Griswold franchisees as employers-of-choice in the senior care industry. The brand was endorsed as one of only eight National Providers in Best of Home Care® in 2023 and 2024.

“The scholarships will set us apart from other home care agencies and will help us recruit caregivers, too,” said Murray. “It’s also a good way to distinguish ourselves during a time of caregiver shortages and so much competition. We attract remarkable caregivers who seem to enjoy our culture, and we definitely enjoy what they’re bringing to the table. We have fabulous caregivers on our teams, and they’re really the backbone of our industry.”

As a full-circle example, Murray, who co-owns the Chevy Chase, Maryland, Griswold office with her daughter, says she unexpectedly connected with one of last year’s scholarship recipients. 

“She was actually not affiliated with Griswold, but she discovered the scholarship program through a flyer at a hospital, applied and was awarded,” said Murray, “We had the pleasure of inviting her to our office for lunch to learn more about her journey. Now, she's going to be joining our office as an advocate, and we believe she'll be a tremendous asset to the community. We're genuinely excited about the difference she's already making — that is really what the Jean Griswold Foundation and this scholarship program is all about."

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