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Griswold Home Care Launches "Care With Us" Campaign to Shine a Light on Caregivers

The senior care franchise is using the campaign to highlight the importance of its caregivers and their vital role in helping individuals achieve their full potential.

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SPONSOREDUpdated 4:16PM 07/27/21

Nearly 40 million caregivers in America have answered the call to help support our most vulnerable population: those who are elderly, ill, or disabled. According to, the number of seniors is going to grow exponentially, as people 65 and over are expected to double in the next 40 years, and the number of those over 85 will more than triple. The reality of caregiving is best understood not with statistics, but through the stories caregivers tell.

Griswold Home Care wanted to shine a light on the importance of caregivers and help capture the attention of not only potential caregivers but also of those in need of care – both now and in the future. As a result, the “Care With Us” campaign was born. 

“We wanted to focus attention on true stories and raw feelings as portrayed by the everyday heroes who are not only the lifeblood of our company, but the life support for our clients,” said Shelley Kanther, Vice President of Marketing.

Griswold Caregiver, Neicko Parchment

The anchor point of this campaign is a three-minute video, which will appear on every franchisees’ website. This video highlights the stories of Griswold Home Care’s own caregivers, what motivates them in their careers, and why they love their profession. 

“It was so much fun! I felt like a star, and we all felt so appreciated having a day dedicated to us and getting the chance to share what we love about our job. We spent the entire car ride home talking about it!” said Justin Larsen, caregiver with Griswold Home Care of Luzerne and Lackawanna County, PA.

Viewers may also notice 30-second commercials appearing on several devices including smart TVs, cell phones, and tablets as part of Griswold’s national campaign, which launched on Wednesday, July 14th. This 360-degree promotional program also includes social posts and social video, display ads, an email template, and more, which franchisees can utilize to help recruit potential caregivers who have a passion for helping others, or raise awareness for families or individuals seeking compassionate care. 

Griswold Caregiver Annie Thomas

Caregivers play a vital role in supporting individuals to achieve their highest level of functioning, and in-home care is essential for seniors who want to remain independent in the place they love – wherever they may call home. “A lot of [my clients] tell me they don’t know what they’d do without me, and I say, ‘Well you will not have to do without me, we’re going to have a long run together so no worries there!’” said Annie Thomas, caregiver with Griswold Home Care of Baltimore and Howard County in Maryland. 

The act of caregiving is not only about providing a service for those in need, it’s also a rewarding profession that allows caregivers to build bonds, provide companionship with clients, and give peace of mind to family and friends that their loved ones are in good hands. “We get to build a friendship and get to know each other, and it’s been very nice to just be a part of that,” said Tish Gutierrez, a caregiver with Griswold Home Care of Lehigh Valley, PA.

“Even though we understand the pledge caregivers make to provide the best for clients and their families, they are often overlooked and underappreciated. The stories our caregivers shared in this campaign are truly compelling and only give a fraction of insight into their daily lives, the impact they have on our clients, and the number of hearts they touch through their selfless work,” said Michael Slupecki, CEO, Griswold Home Care. 

Griswold Home Care franchise owners support their surrounding communities by bringing compassionate care into the peoples’ homes and providing quality jobs for local caregivers. If you are interested in owning a franchise with a higher purpose, Griswold Home Care gives you the opportunity to make a positive impact while running a successful business. 

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