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Home Health Care News: Home Care’s Most Important Partnerships

Griswold Home Care’s CEO Michael Slupecki shares insight on the importance of internal referrals for home care franchises.

In a recent article in Home Health Care News, top home care franchise executives discussed the significance of strategic partnerships to gain a competitive edge. Companies like Uber, Lyft and other training technology platforms are great starting points, but according to the executives, it is wise to consider others, especially since the pandemic put a bigger emphasis on in-home care. 

The article suggests that partnerships with government agencies like the Home Care Association of America will help home care companies influence federal policies to make changes. CEO of Griswold Home Care Michael Slupecki says that recruitment and retention programs are of the utmost importance. 

“One of the most effective ways to recruit is internal referrals: partnering with our caregivers to find new candidates through a referral bonus program,” Slupecki told Home Health Care News. “The average Griswold caregiver tenure is almost 26 months, so our caregivers can show potential candidates that Griswold is not just a short-term job but a great place to grow and evolve their career. In addition, we are refocusing the Jean Griswold Foundation to emphasize caregiver support through educational programs and scholarships. We’re also creating partnerships with institutions to provide support for caregivers — both Griswold caregivers and others — to help them learn and grow professionally.

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