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How Griswold Helps Franchisees Recruit and Retain Qualified Caregivers

With industry-leading hiring tools and programs, as well as a beloved reputation as one of the nation’s first home care franchises, Griswold makes it easier for franchisees to reach the right talent amid ongoing labor shortages.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 11:11AM 04/11/23

Since the start of the pandemic, senior-living providers have lost more than 100,000 caregivers, resulting in 96% of senior communities facing staff shortages and 61% concerned that staffing shortages might force them to close. Now, as the industry struggles with this ongoing caregiver shortage, Griswold, the non-medical home care franchise with over 170 units and more than 40 years of experience, stands out as a brand with a long history of treating caregivers with dignity and respect, making it easier for franchisees to hire and retain caregivers in their communities.

“There are simply more seniors today than there are available caregivers, and that gap is only going to increase,” said Griswold Director of Sales and Operations Matt Ericksen. “But, with that being said, there has also been a rise in employment this past year as inflation brings people back to the workforce. Year-over-year, we have seen a 25% increase in candidates, 44% increase in applications and 137% increase in total hires across our system, which is a testament to both the growing labor pool and our status as an employer of choice.”

So, how has Griswold managed to attract so many caregivers while other senior care companies struggle to do the same?

How Griswold Optimizes the Recruitment Process

To start, Ericksen says Griswold understands that recruitment marketing is all about capturing caregivers’ attention. “When a franchisee first signs on, we provide them with a robust suite of recruitment materials, marketing collateral, and digital assets,” he said. “We understand what caregivers are looking for based on our analytics and our years of operations — hours, benefits, buzzwords, etc. We also understand the emerging trends. We take that and use it to make specialized job ads with a scientific approach to keywords and algorithms.” 

Ericksen says Griswold also continues to update the look and feel of the company’s branding and marketing to stand out in a sea of sameness. In early 2023, Griswold unveiled an exciting brand evolution, coining the phrase “Live Assured” and defining the brand’s meaning through a year-long process that involved everyone from its caregivers to its leadership team. This evolution included new visual branding, an emphasis on technology and innovation, a name modification, and three pillars at the center of the brand: trusted relationships, care is personal, and a foundation of expertise. 

Once caregivers are officially recruited, Griswold offers a built in, industry-leading onboarding process for franchisees. This process, which the team continues to build out, has had a major impact on the brand’s hiring results systemwide. In 2022, for example, Griswold was able to cut its onboarding time by 75% in less than 30 days. The applicant-to-hire conversion percentage has also increased by an average of 77%. All of this ensures a more positive experience for incoming caregivers. 

“Overall, we take a customer-service approach to our caregivers — they are the most valuable aspect of our business, so we want candidates who come through the process to enjoy it and not feel exhausted,” said Ericksen. “We’ve made the recruitment and onboarding process as efficient as possible.”

How Griswold Helps Retain Talent

After a caregiver is hired, Ericksen says the work is just beginning. Griswold franchisees have access to industry-leading retention tools, strategies, and resources to help prioritize the caregiver and keep them engaged in their role. 

“You need to be the employer of choice for that caregiver,” said Ericksen. “Retention programs, benefits, connecting with preferred vendors — we help franchisees develop strategies to ensure the caregiver is happy.” 

For example, Griswold leverages the HomeCare Pulse platform as a resource to gauge real time feedback on caregiver satisfaction. In fact, Griswold was recently just named one of the nine Best of Home Care® Endorsed National Providers based on its satisfaction scores through the Home Care Pulse (HCP) Experience Management Program. The company also works with a preferred vendor called Tapcheck, which offers next-day pay for caregivers — a benefit that is increasingly expected in the industry.

“We really value our vendor relationships and continue to develop strategic relationships with franchisees in mind,” said Ericksen. “This allows us to offer the best resources and tools the industry has to offer to give our owners the best chance of success in implementing the strategies that have made us successful. From a retention standpoint, our brand is nationally recognized for the quality we provide. The caregivers understand and know that Griswold stands for quality.”

Perhaps one of the most significant examples of this caregiver-centric approach is Griswold’s National Caregiver Scholarship Program in partnership with its nonprofit organization, the Jean Griswold Foundation. In 2022, the Jean Griswold Foundation awarded $24,000 in scholarships to 12 caregivers from across the country with amazing stories of perseverance and fortitude. This year, that number is jumping to a whopping $100,000 because of how successful the fundraising program was last year. 

“From a purpose standpoint, our nonprofit is really unique,” said Ericksen. “No one else has raised that type of money for caregivers. It drives another differentiator for our franchisees and allows them to further support caregivers who are looking to advance their career in the field. We can impact someone’s life for the time they are with Griswold and beyond.”

How Griswold Supports Franchisees in Recruitment Efforts

Brett and Nicole Myhre, Griswold franchisees in Minneapolis, were concerned about recruiting caregivers when they first signed on with the brand two years ago. Before franchising, Brett came from a background in graphic design, where he owned his own business for 15 years, and Nicole worked as a hairstylist. 

“We got into this because we wanted to do something a little different, give back to the community and garner a connection with people,” said Brett. “That is something I was really missing with my job — I wanted to do something that made a difference and helped people.”

In addition to being ready for a change, the Myhres were also navigating the COVID-19 pandemic with parents who were in assisted living facilities. This experience opened their eyes to the value of helping seniors age in place. 

“We couldn't introduce our parents to our newborn daughter because they were on lockdown,” Brett said. “If they were at home, that likely wouldn’t have been an issue.”

Before signing on with Griswold, the Myhres made sure to do their due diligence, and a major part of that was analyzing the labor market. “It was definitely something I thought about as it is a huge part of our business,” said Brett. “You have to have the caregivers and staff to be able to keep up with all those shifts. We made sure to talk to other franchisees to hear how they were handling the shortage and how Griswold helped them find qualified caregivers.” 

Even before the business officially opened, Brett says the Griswold home office team was there to ramp up recruiting and hiring efforts immediately. “They have a lift off program that you start with, which gets you set up on platforms like Hireology and myCNA, for example,” he said. “The team at the home office understands what caregivers are looking for and they know how to make sure you are at the top of the list on those websites.”

Since signing on with Griswold just two years ago, Brett says they have already hired around 150 to 200 caregivers. “We are constantly making the process better,” he said. “We’ve simplified the hiring process, for example, with both virtual interviews and in-person interviews to make sure it is easy for prospective caregivers. We’ve also utilized Facebook ads and have posted Day in the Life videos on TikTok to showcase some of the benefits of working at Griswold.”

Overall, the Myhres say the Griswold home office has been incredibly supportive every step of the way when it comes to staffing, which has been a massive benefit in today’s landscape. 

“They are always available — we have our own process, but they help us look at it and make sure we are reaching the right people,” said Brett. “That kind of support is why we signed on with the franchise in the first place.” 

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