GYMGUYZ Founder Expounds on Starting a Business in Forbes
GYMGUYZ Founder Expounds on Starting a Business in Forbes

Josh York has advice on starting a business with little capital.

Josh York, founder and CEO of GYMGUYZ, started his business with little capital. In a Forbes article discussing how entrepreneurs can start a business for $15,000, York reminded potential business owners to stay focused.

“I started my mobile gym franchise GYMGUYZ seven years ago with little capital myself, but in the process, I learned that it is possible to pursue business ownership with around $15,000,” York said. “To go big places, you’ll always need more money. But you can start out with very little as long as you take care of some careful planning and are passionate about your company.”

York urged business owners to have a plan and to put everything down on paper first. Having a plan allows for budget analysis and key questions. He also said that starting a business takes passion, self-confidence and fortitude.

“You will experience setbacks and times of frustration, especially in the early stages of lifting your idea off the ground,” York continued. “During these times, I encourage you to remember why you decided to go into business ownership in the first place and know that entrepreneurship is a journey of highs and lows.”

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