According to Kim and Larry Meyers, Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa Is the Perfect Investment
According to Kim and Larry Meyers, Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa Is the Perfect Investment

Kim and Larry Meyers opened four Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spas in four years.

Every Friday for three years, Kim and Larry Meyers would visit their local massage franchise for a weekly massage in order to relax from a strenuous week. When the couple decided to quit their jobs in healthcare, the Meyers’ looked into owning a massage franchise but nothing felt like the right fit -- until they found Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa.

“We researched different brands and didn’t care for any other business models. I happened upon Hand and Stone and noticed there was only one location in Houston and none in Dallas-Fort Worth,” shared Larry. “So, we connected with the corporate office, went up for Discovery Day and bought four right away.”

Both Larry and Kim agreed, the brand’s views on customer service is what made the massage franchise stand out in a crowded market. The couple also noted the corporate team’s franchising experience as one of the major reason they signed on with the spa franchise. “The experience and passion the corporate team had was not like other spa franchises we were looking at,” explained Kim. “Walking away from our first meeting with the corporate team really sealed the deal for us.”

According to the couple, right from the start, the corporate team truly exuded the brand’s values -- put the customer’s first and everything else will run fine. Larry noted small details like the open lobby seating was a clear differentiator from their competition. This layout encourages the front desk associate to communicate with customers in order to develop a relationship. For Larry and Kim, this layout helped people feel like they were more than just a number, they were a person when they visited Hand and Stone.

Within twelve months, the couple opened their first store and within four years the Meyers’ owned four Hand and Stone locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth market. They credit this quick turnaround to the incredible support from Hand and Stone corporate.

Shared Kim, “We had no background in the spa or retail sectors. Obviously, we wouldn't have gotten where we are today without the incredible support we received from corporate. There was always somebody available to help with what we needed. The support was there right from the beginning and we had a great operations manager who was available at all hours. As we opened new locations, it got easier, but the support was still there and they are always quick to help identify solutions.”

This type of support is typical for Hand and Stone. In fact, an internal advertising team member is assigned to each franchisee when they sign on with the brand. This person helps with all marketing efforts throughout the franchisees time with the brand.

In addition to the unwavering support from the corporate team, Larry and Kim pointed to the brand’s ongoing efforts to incorporate new products and services as additional revenue streams for franchisees. Hand and Stone’s Esthetics Operations division is constantly looking at industry trends, addressing client needs and adding value for franchisees.

Shared Kim, “With the massage business changing, Hand and Stone is changing with it. We’re not sitting behind. I look forward to what is going to be introduced from the retail side or the esthetician side and I always look forward to what they will be launching next.”

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