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Handyman Services Franchises: Why Prospective Franchisees Should Consider this Franchise Opportunity Category

Clearly, every homeowner needs a little help sometimes. A handyman service franchise is a great business opportunity to serve the community while also owning a business in a lucrative, ever-growing sector of the market.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
Updated 12:12PM 08/30/22

The handyman services franchise industry is a multi-billion dollar market, and it continues to grow. While the home services market is already booming, having a business built on being a “jack of all trades” opens the horizon to even more business opportunities within the home than a specialized concept would.

“One thing that is great about this business model is that everyone inside of a certain territory is a potential customer,” explained Tim Diemont, a TruBlue Total House Care franchisee. “We are attractive to people who rent apartments, military veterans, seniors and homeowners. There isn’t anybody out there who can’t use our service.”

Handyman Concepts Are Flexible and Affordable

As a handyman service business, you go to the clients rather than the other way around – meaning that rarely will the business require a brick-and-mortar location. The ability to operate a mobile/out-of-your-home business easily adds flexibility to the day, allowing owners to organize their routes strategically, complete as many jobs as possible in a single trip out, and even back away from the restrictive nature of maintaining a brick-and-mortar location with open doors and set hours.

This mobile model also creates a lower initial investment for franchisees, decreasing the investment by shifting the initial commitment to something like a branded vehicle rather than a retail location is a huge step. 

Further, because handymen are meant to be up for “handy” things, there is little to no specialized equipment required, and owners should expect to avoid more major changes to a home like electrical and plumbing repairs. 

A Nice Living Space Never Goes Out of Style

Like Diemont said, as long as he’s within his territory, there’s not a single person who is not a potential customer. Regardless of where or how people live, most will agree that they want their home to be safe and well-functioning. And, it’s fulfilling work to do.

“The best part is seeing how we can change a home,” Kay Diemont added. “It is a good feeling when you are done and the home looks good, especially for a senior or a retired veteran.”

Staffing Is Straightforward

Some handyman service franchise owners choose to work as the main employee, or handyman, themselves, reducing labor costs. 

For owners who seek to hire external help, the employee identification and recruitment process is not nearly as challenging as it can be in other industries. For handyman service jobs, owners tend to look for people who have a general understanding of how to repair things and are friendly people. When working in someone’s home, the relationship that is built is one of the most important things. Quite often, people who already have repairs and customer service experience are interested in handyman positions as the pay aligns with previous work, but the majority of the labor is done indoors in comfortable, regulated conditions!