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Has Cyber Monday Stolen Black Friday’s Thunder?

Black Friday? We don’t know her.

The most popular Monday of the year is upon us and shopaholics are getting ready to spend, save and shop till they drop. Cyber Monday has officially become the new Black Friday. According to a Deloitte study, 53% of shoppers will hit the stores on Cyber Monday and 44% plan on snagging discounts on Black Friday, CNBC said

Who would’ve thought the day would come where people prefer a Monday over Friday? Rod Sides, Vice Chairman of Deloitte’s Retail and Distribution practice in the U.S., told CNBC that Deloitte has seen this trend grow over the past five years. The study shows that “Gen Z shoppers are the most reliant on the online shopping holiday,” with 65% saying they’ll be taking advantage of Cyber Monday deals and promotions. When it comes to Black Friday, 58% of Gen Z consumers plan on fighting the crowds the day after Thanksgiving.

Are we that surprised that people don’t want to leave their home after stuffing their mouths with turkey and mashed potatoes to wait outside a Best Buy in the bitter cold for two hours for that new plasma-screen TV? No. No we are not. 

Another distraction from Black Friday is Amazon’s Prime Day  event which gives hungry shoppers an outlet to spend their cash well before the end of November. But, after Amazon was exposed for selling expired food to their consumers, who knows? Maybe customers will want to go inside the store to make sure they’re getting what they asked for.

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