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Home Clean Heroes Launches Force Field Disinfecting Mist, 99% Effective at Killing Viruses, Across All Locations

After piloting the offering in Virginia Beach, the residential cleaning service franchise is offering the electrostatic-charged mist as an add-on to its regular cleaning services.

In an effort to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers amid a global pandemic and find innovative ways to support its franchisees with an additional revenue source, residential cleaning service franchise Home Clean Heroes is launching a new Force Field Disinfecting Mist that will be available at its locations in Virginia Beach and Williamsburg, Virginia and eventually their newest franchise location in North Metro, Georgia.

Applied with super-powered misters, the electrostatically charged hospital-grade disinfectant is sprayed throughout the entire home — even in hard-to-reach places. The mist is proven 99.9% effective at killing viruses, including COVID-19, influenza, norovirus and salmonella. 

Kathy Turley, Home Clean Heroes’ director of marketing, says the Force Field Disinfecting Spray has seen a surge in interest from some of the brand’s newer customers and aligns with the brand’s commitment to tech-forward solutions and heightened safety protocols.

“Due to the impact of the pandemic, customers are now looking to have the cleanest home they possibly can,” Turley said. “COVID-19 in general, has forced consumers to become more educated about what they’re buying, and our Force Field Disinfecting Mist is something that’s proven effective in the fight against the virus.” 

But how does electrostatic-charged cleaning work? After a surface is professionally cleaned and the Force Field Disinfecting Mist is sprayed, the liquid passes through an electrode prior to leaving the mister, giving the droplets a positive charge. The positively charged droplets bounce off of each other when leaving the mister and look for negative atoms to cling to. The natural force of attraction will connect these droplets, wrapping them around negative surfaces to effectively disinfect your home or office. The service will be offered exclusively as an add-on to Home Clean Heroes’ regular cleaning services, because without a proper cleaning , it’s impossible to fully disinfect a surface.

Jeffrey Ruiz, a franchisee with the brand in Williamsburg, Virginia, says he expects the mister to be a success among both his residential and commercial clients, especially in medical offices.

“The medical office we service weekly has shown interest in the mist since we started offering it,” said Ruiz. “It offers the safety and security that a space has been professionally disinfected, on a consistent schedule. It will also be helpful to people who operate their businesses from their home.”

Turley also suggests there’s a market for the Force Field Disinfecting Mist in the real estate community — something for franchisees to consider in the search for new clients.

“There’s a need for something like this as a part of the home-buying experience,” said Turley. “When moving into a new home that people have been in and out during its time on the market, people want to know that their new home is as clean as it possibly can be in a time like this, and this mist provides that safe and secure feeling for the new owners before they move in.”

Home Clean Heroes, a brand under the umbrella of parent company Buzz Franchise Brands, is innovating the residential cleaning service space by offering this disinfecting mist. According to Turley, the brand is one of the first to make this kind of technology available to its customers.

“We’re one of the first brands in the area to offer something like this,” she said. “I think as people become more educated about what they can do to keep their home clean, this is a kind of service that will be expected, so we’re happy to be ahead of the curve.”

Turley also emphasized that the Force Field Disinfecting Mist offers an exclusive advantage to Home Clean Heroes franchisees in the home cleaning space. 

“This product is the solution to quelling many consumer fears,” said Turley. “We’ve done the heavy lifting for franchisees and now they can immediately have this mister training available to them. They can come into a market with exactly what consumers are expecting from this kind of service disinfection service. We’re ready to put them in a great position for any business person to come into a competitive landscape.”

The Force Field Disinfecting Mist comes at a cost of $70 per floor in addition to regular cleaning fees. The process itself takes approximately 30–45 minutes, with a dwell time of two minutes to dilute the chemicals in the air, meaning the tenants and homeowners can safely return to their space fairly quickly after it's applied. 

The startup costs for a Home Clean Heroes single-unit franchise ranges from $117,525 to $134,060. To learn more about franchising with Home Clean Heroes, visit

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