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Home Clean Heroes Seeks Franchise Partners in Florida

Buzz Franchise Brands’ latest concept will leverage the success of sister concept, Pool Scouts, to attract franchisees in the state

By Madeline LenaStaff Writer
SPONSOREDUpdated 1:13PM 05/01/19

It always seems that the easier it is to make a mess, the harder it is to clean it up. As people’s days become busier, their free time diminishes and the prospect of spending what’s left cleaning their homes is insufferable. Recognizing the need for a simplified, modernized and flexible home cleaning service, Home Clean Heroes has come to the rescue and is targeting Florida as one of its next stops. Offering various customizable packages that plug into the individual schedules of its customers, Home Clean Heroes provides a service with one goal in mind: making common inconveniences completely carefree.

Parent company Buzz Franchise Brands plans to capitalize on its success and familiarity in the Florida market by introducing this unique service to the state. President and CEO of Buzz Franchise Brands, Kevin Wilson believes the growth of sister concept Pool Scouts in the Sunshine State will translate to more of the same for Home Clean Heroes. “We understand the Florida market because of the growth that we’ve seen with Pool Scouts. The area is one where we see an enormous amount of opportunity.”

Where Buzz Franchise Brands once dealt exclusively with their customers’ outdoor space, Home Clean Heroes believes they can follow the existing model to find success moving indoors. “It’s a beach community, which always makes for a messy home. The many existing competitors in the market have already proven the market’s value,” Wilson said.

Home Clean Heroes is exploring every city up and down the Panhandle as it seeks locations for its first franchise, confidently implementing a broad search because of the ease with which Pool Scouts has been able to break into new markets. Franchise start-up costs fall between $78,295 and $132,588, with an initial fee of $25,000. Wilson told 1851, “We have several systems in place that can be used across the brands, in terms of routing efficiencies, territory sizes and more.” Wilson added that the recurring service is an essential part of Home Clean Heroes’ business model.

Florida’s demographic makeup is ideal for Home Clean Heroes, a brand that offers flexible options based on customers’ varying needs. Its diverse business plan appeals to a broad range of customers, which is useful in the 3rd most populous state in the United State at 20.9 million, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2017 estimates. Buzz Franchise Brands sees operating in Florida as extremely business-friendly thanks to its lack of state income tax coupled with its average age and household income trending older, largely due to the high prevalence of retirees in the state.

An established brand, a simple business model and a familiar customer base all fuel Wilson’s confidence in the brand’s potential to attract franchisees in the market. “Home Clean Heroes is a young company, but being backed by a seasoned parent company affords owners the benefit of a full network of support. At the end-franchisee level, if they happen to choose a location where we already have a Pool Scouts franchise, we can make inroads in communication to generate leads.”

Buzz Franchise Brands believes having this community of business owners built in from the very beginning sets its franchisees up for tremendous success. “Florida is always one of the top states for new leads. We see no reason that wouldn’t continue here.”

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