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Home Clean Heroes Targets North Carolina for Further Development

Benefitting from the support of parent company Buzz Franchise Brands, Home Clean Heroes is ready to offer top-notch franchisee support within lucrative markets in the Tar Heel State.

By Cristina Merrill1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 10:22PM 04/07/20

Home Clean Heroes was founded in 2017 by parent company Buzz Franchise Brands as a way to provide customers with a premier residential cleaning experience like no other. Headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia with one franchise location in the nearby city of Williamsburg, the emerging franchise brand has enjoyed a warm reception in the communities it serves.

Today, Home Clean Heroes is ready to cross state lines and expand into North Carolina. The brand is targeting the Tar Heel State both for its proximity to corporate headquarters and for its markets, which include pockets of affluent areas. The emerging franchise brand wants to ensure that new franchisees have high potential right out of the gate and that they are able to benefit from nearby corporate support. 

Within North Carolina, Home Clean Heroes specifically wants to enter the Charlotte, Durham, Greensboro, High Point, Raleigh and Winston-Salem markets.  

“Home Clean Heroes targets households with an income of $100,000 and above, and all of these markets have solid clusters of potential customers who meet these criteria,” President Joe Delatte said. 

Home Clean Heroes sells franchise territories that are defined by zip codes. Each of these markets has clusters of zip codes that have between 35,000 and 45,000 households. The brand estimates that the city of Charlotte and the Durham-Raleigh area can each hold five territories while Greensboro and Winston-Salem can each hold three territories. 

“We sell our franchise opportunities up to three territories at a time, so a single franchisee can purchase up to three territories and really own their market,” Delatte said. “Each of those cities would allow our franchisees to build a sizable business and generate a sizable amount of wealth for their families.” 

Home Clean Heroes may be a small, emerging brand, but customer feedback in Virginia Beach and Williamsburg have been quite positive. In 2019 the brand had almost 700 unique customers and provided more than 5,000 cleaning services. Delatte noted that the brand’s Williamsburg franchisees Jessica and Jeff Ruiz, the first in the franchise system, started operating in November of 2019 and experienced such a strong start that they even ran ahead of initial projections for earnings.

The proof of the brand’s viability is also in the reviews. Delatte proudly noted Home Clean Heroes’ positive online reviews.

“The reception to our brand has been outstanding,” Delatte said. “This kind of service is in high demand. Research shows that 70% of our target market uses a residential cleaning service.”

Delatte described the ideal Home Clean Heroes franchisee as someone who is growth-oriented and interested in building a sizable business based on a time-proven business model. 

“Our franchise is the kind of business that will scale quickly because there’s a lot of demand,” Delatte said. “For that reason, we want franchisees who are interested in scaling quickly and building a strong presence in their communities.” 

A major reason for the brand’s ability to scale quickly has to do with its marketing and lead-generation strategies. The brand executes direct mail and digital marketing programs to drive customer leads that will help franchisees grow their businesses. 

“The leadership team doesn’t tell the franchisees ‘Go forth and market,’” Delatte said. “We have an excellent marketing support structure in place, one that includes digital and SEO teams, to help drive those leads towards our franchisees.” 

Above all, Home Clean Heroes franchisees must be passionate about customer service. Delatte emphasized the brand’s mission, which aims to give people back their free time so they can do the things that matter most to them. 

“At Home Clean Heroes, we work closely with our customers and make sure we understand what we are doing well and where we might need improvement,” Delatte said. “Our franchisees have to want to service people and make them happy. There’s a reason we have the word ‘Heroes’ in our name. We’re looking for franchisees who have that heroic persona.” 

By expanding into carefully researched markets, providing top-notch marketing support and attracting customer service-oriented franchisees, Home Clean Heroes is paving the way for significant brand growth in North Carolina and beyond. 

The startup costs for a Home Clean Heroes franchise range from $86,025 to $141,260. The franchise fee is $30,000. The franchise fee will be reduced to $10,000 for the first five franchisees in the system. To learn more about franchising with Home Clean Heroes, visit

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