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How Home Clean Heroes is Modernizing Home Cleaning

Careful branding and a focus on relationships have positioned the home cleaning franchise to become a leader in the segment.

By Ben Warren1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSORED 10:10AM 09/13/18

One of the first branding decisions the team at Home Clean Heroes made when establishing their concept was to avoid using the word “maid.” “The word itself is outdated and typically has a negative stereotype attached. We wanted to avoid that,” said Kathy Turley, Home Clean Heroes’ director of marketing. The team decided instead to use a word they felt was better suited for people working in the service industry: “heroes.”

The choice to avoid the industry’s most negative and outdated associations informs all of Home Clean Heroes’ branding decisions, including the bright, crisp color scheme, which Turley points out explicitly does not include pink.

The brand’s efforts to modernize home cleaning extends to its services as well, which Turley says relies on improved communication to provide a customized experience.

“We identify what we call the customer’s ‘hot spots’ up front,” Turley said. “We ask them if they’ve ever used a cleaning service before, and in most cases, they have. Then we find out what wasn’t working with the previous service so that we can address that concern immediately.”

That conversation establishes Home Clean Heroes’ commitment to doing better than other providers, and Turley says it’s just the beginning of a relationship with the customer built on trust.

“After the first cleaning, we’ll call the customer and ask them how everything went and if there was anything we missed,” she said. “If they were unhappy with any part of our service, we send someone out to make it better. That’s actually true for any customer, whether they are new to Home Clean Heroes or an existing client. If someone is unhappy with their cleaning, we will send a member of our team out to make it right. We are all about establishing trust. That’s how we build loyalty.”

Home Clean Heroes cleaning teams are typically composed of two to three people, and Turley says at least one person from each cleaning is present at the following visit.

“That helps maintain a continuity of service, which establishes a familiarity and also lets us be more effective in addressing any ongoing needs a customer might have,” she said. “It also helps to build a relationship with the customer, which is vital to our success.”

Further separating the brand from its competitors, Turley says Home Clean Heroes cleans each customer’s entire home, not just on the first visit, but every time.

“Many cleaning companies work on a rotational system, hitting some rooms on one visit and others on the next,” Turley said. “We clean all areas of the house during every visit. Doesn’t matter if it’s the first, 10th or 20th visit.”

Those key differentiators from other home cleaning brands have made Home Clean Heroes a welcome new addition to its home town of Virginia Beach, where the brand quickly caught on with consumers. Now, just a year after opening its first location, Home Clean Heroes is preparing to expand into new markets through franchising.

Turley says she expects the same eager reception in new markets that Home Clean Heroes found in South Hampton Roads, VA.

“People want good cleaning services, but the industry has a reputation for being unprofessional,” she said. “We are working to dispel that, and we’ve seen how excited people are to find a professional, trustworthy cleaning service that they can rely on.”

As Home Clean Heroes prepares to expand out into new territories, Turley says the newly franchised brand is keeping the focus on the “hero” in their name.

“Our goal is to serve people who are time-starved,” she said. “Today’s world is so fast-paced, and people don’t have a lot of time to clean. In that sense, we are here to save their day. Our mission is to defend our customers’ free time so they can spend it on the things that matter to them – things like family, friends and their favorite leisure activities."

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