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Joe Delatte and Denise Morris Promoted to New Executive Roles with Home Clean Heroes as Franchising Momentum Continues

The premier residential cleaning franchise is setting itself up for success with its two latest executive promotions.

Home Clean Heroes is ready to take the residential cleaning service industry by storm.

In early 2019, Joe Delatte was promoted to President and COO. In tandem with his shift in roles, Denise Morris was named VP of Franchise Operations. Together, the pair aim to spearhead the brand’s franchising initiative.

The brand has worked tirelessly over the past year and a half to create an immense system of support and a variety of resources for its prospective partners. Home Clean Heroes will begin selling franchises this year, and to encourage prospects to learn more about the franchise opportunities available, the brand will be holding a webinar June 5, 2019 at 1pm EDT to officially kick off its franchising initiatives. The webinar will be hosted by Delatte and will feature Morris as well as other members of the executive team, allowing prospective franchisees to meet the individuals who will aid their success.

The structure of the free webinar will provide prospects with the information and next steps necessary to invest with Home Clean Heroes. People joining the webinar will be able to ask their questions in a live setting.

“Home Clean Heroes has been seen as the new player in the market,” said Delatte. “With the webinar, we’ll be able to tell the story of the brand and paint the picture of our opportunity. The company has been working hard over the past year and a half to build a strong brand and an equally solid support system for franchisees as we have a great team to front our growth efforts.”

The brand launched in April 2017 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Delatte entered Home Clean Heroes as its Director of Operations only eight months later. He sold his own home services franchise and met with Kevin Wilson, CEO of Buzz Franchise Brands, the Parent Company of Home Clean Heroes. In their conversation, Delatte recalled how his personal story and professional vision shared a thread with the company’s. Delatte knew there was tremendous opportunity lying in wait with Home Clean Heroes, and he was ready to tap into it.

“I’ve always seen myself as a builder,” Delatte said. “It’s what led me to franchising. This role of President and COO solidifies my position in growing Home Clean Heroes, and being the force that provides opportunity to others.”

Denise Morris was foundational to the building of such an opportunity. She has extensive operations experience having joined Buzz Franchise Brands in 2012 to run local operations for Mosquito Joe. Morris then went on to run local operations for both Pool Scouts and Home Clean Heroes upon their launch and has continued to be a big part in the overall growth of the brand.


Morris was part of the incubation and launch of Home Clean Heroes, actively involved in the research, development and marketing that helped the brand take flight. That experience and dedication to the brand has ultimately led to her promotion as VP of Franchise Operations.


Morris worked on the Home Clean Heroes business and franchise models to ensure perfection and success. She oversaw testing of the models and has worked with franchisees in her previous roles, helping them start their business from the ground up. Her current role certainly parallels her previous position; however, this time it’s on a much larger scale.

“My role is to, quite literally, support and walk franchisees through the process of setting up equipment, their training, employee training and the means of acquiring customers,” said Morris. “It is a humbling and exciting part to play as I’m involved in the franchisees’ lives to ensure success. I’m delighted to bring franchisees on board with Home Clean Heroes in my new position.”

Delatte extended his congratulations to Morris and said, “I’m excited about Denise in this role as VP of Franchise Operations. She is so uniquely qualified, having been on the front lines of brand franchise growth with other incredibly successful companies. Her tremendous history with launching franchisees and running local operations for most of the last two years is certain to garner strong candidates for Home Clean Heroes.”

Likewise, Morris stated that Delatte will make a great leader as the company is headed in a strong direction. According to Morris, Home Clean Heroes is on the fastest track possible to acquiring its first franchises. Over the past year and a half, the brand has been fine-tuning its business metrics and models to lay the foundation for franchisees to come out of the starting gate with the most momentum. Morris said that a well-supported base will yield a solid margin of profit for franchisees.

Home Clean Heroes has added an additional incentive to growing the brand with qualified candidates. Delatte stated that the company has created its Charter League of Franchisees in which the first five franchisees to qualify will be awarded a $20,000 discount off the initial single-unit franchise fee.

“The purpose of the League is to award high-quality candidates right out of the starting gate,” said Delatte. “Franchisees become the backbone of the company, so by providing a ‘thank you’ for helping establish the franchise system, we have discounted the franchise fee for the first five qualified candidates. We want them to look forward to playing such a fun and crucial role in Home Clean Heroes.”

The Charter League of Franchisees is designed to be an organization of the first entrepreneurs eager to lay the groundwork for expanding Home Clean Heroes. Within the group, members can engage with fellow franchisees to share ideas as they all work through the development process together, bringing new information and experiences to the table.

Delatte and Morris are keeping their eyes on the future, and will continue making sure franchisees have every opportunity to succeed. Both executive team members stated that with their promotions and all the other individuals they work alongside, Home Clean Heroes has a great team in place to continue building a brand that will professionalize the industry.

“Our goal is to hit the industry by storm and set the bar higher,” said Morris. “We certainly have the ability to achieve such a goal. We are happy to help each individual franchisee grow and we have the resources and means to get them off to a successful start.”

Home Clean Heroes is a Buzz Franchise Brand. The startup costs for a Home Clean Heroes single-unit franchise ranges from $78,295 to $132,588. The franchise fee is $25,000. The first five franchisees who qualify for the Charter League of Franchisees will be awarded a $20,000 discount off the initial single-unit franchise fee. To learn more about franchising with Home Clean Heroes, visit


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