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Why Consumers Love Home Clean Heroes’ Eco-Friendly Products, Technology Solutions and Heightened Safety Protocols

With its eco-minded products, tech-forward solutions and enhanced safety protocols enacted during the COVID-19 pandemic, the home-services cleaning franchise is sweeping the competition.

By Sarah Baumann1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 10:10AM 10/01/20

Since the residential cleaning service franchise was founded in 2017, Home Clean Heroes has been dedicated to making the lives of its customers easier. Backed with the support of multi-brand franchisor Buzz Franchise Brands, who also owns Pool Scouts and British Swim School, the brand continues to differentiate itself from the competition by offering professional, reliable services that employ industry-leading standards. 

Now, in a time when COVID-19 is looming, Home Clean Heroes is going the extra mile to ensure its customers are happy and — most importantly — feel safe having cleaning services performed. Through its use of trusted, eco-friendly products, tech solutions, and heightened COVID-19 protocols, Home Clean Heroes further gains the trust of its customer base and keeps them coming back.

Home Clean Heroes Uses Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

In a world that is going increasingly green, Home Clean Heroes uses only the most eco-friendly of products. Other cleaning service companies who bill themselves as simply “green” or “Earth-friendly” are not necessarily going the distance to ensure that their processes are both safe and truly effective. Home Clean Heroes uses carefully selected materials and processes that are safe for the environment and proven effective in providing a clean, sanitized and healthy home and EPA-approved products proven to kill the virus that kills COVID-19. 

Home Clean Heroes cleaning processes are focused specifically on renewable resources and environmentally friendly practices:

  • Microfiber towels and mop heads, both proven to remove 99 percent of all germs, are sanitized, cleaned and reused after each house.
  • Color-coded towels are used exclusively in certain rooms to prevent cross-contamination. Each home is serviced using specifically packed, sanitized containers of equipment ensuring the utmost in safety and cleanliness.
  • Cleaning agents are loaded into reusable bottles and color-coded for safety and quality assurance.
  • The brand's primary cleaning agent is hydrogen peroxide-based with a citrus scent which cleans and deodorizes and meets Green Seal Standard GS-37.
  • Its environmentally-safe disinfectant is non-toxic and safe to handle, but EPA certified to kill COVID-19, H1N1, ebola and other pre-emergent viruses along with staph infection, salmonella and HIV.
  • Each of the brand's grime-fighters passes a seven-part training and assessment process, certifying them as professional cleaning specialists who provide a high-quality, highly personal service for each of our customers.

Home Clean Heroes President Joe Delatte says that its Earth-forward products are what draw consumers to the brand and leave them feeling confident about their investment. “It’s important that our customers know we care about what we are using in their homes,” said Delatte. “Our customer base is mostly families; they hire us because they know the products we use are safe, not only for the environment, but for themselves and their children. As a brand, we  are committed to providing a greener, cleaner home for our customers and our processes demonstrate that commitment.”

Its Tech-Forward Solutions Are Game-Changing

These days, every industry seems to be improving their services through technology — even home cleaning services. Technology affords businesses the ability to ensure a seamless customer experience, and Home Clean Heroes is the leading provider for that kind of top-tier service. The brand’s technological capabilities include a field management software that is both easy-to-use and smartphone-accessible. Through this program, Home Clean Heroes customers are able to directly correspond with both the cleaning team and the Home Clean Heroes corporate team in a way that is, according to Delatte, “much like texting.”

Home Clean Heroes also utilizes an in-vehicle GPS system that tracks how long a cleaning specialist’s route will take, ultimately determining the most cost-efficient routes possible for them. Home Clean Heroes is already seeing the payoff in the recently-implemented system, and has saved $300,000 in labor costs alone. The brand also makes use of a critical data-tracking system that saves its franchisees time and money as they start their business, allowing them more time to focus their energy on customer service.

Its COVID-19 Protocols Are Unmatched

Although Home Clean Heroes has always upheld rigorous standards of cleanliness, the brand has heightened its efforts to ensure safety for both grime-fighters and customers alike, as well as elevating customer satisfaction. With so much fear surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Delatte says that Home Clean Heroes’ services quell those worries by migitaging contact and providing a clean, healthy environment in which families can live.

The brand effectively escalated safety efforts by implementing the following standards:

  • To prevent cross-contamination, each house has its own set of freshly laundered microfiber cloths and cleaning supplies for service. Items that are not unique to the home — like the large rolling totes — are left outside during service.
  • Before entering a home, cleaning specialists sanitize their hands and put on their face mask, gloves and shoe covers to ensure that germs don’t come into the house or spread.
  • The brand uses a more powerful EPA approved disinfectant, proven effective at neutralizing the COVID-19 virus, to its suite of cleaning products, especially for high-touch areas. In addition, cleaning specialists have all attended up-to-date training on proper techniques in effective disinfecting to help protect customers from germs.
  • Large equipment — like vacuum cleaners and brooms. — and vehicles are disinfected at the end of each business day to ensure cleanliness.

“A clean home is a healthier home,” said Delatte. “If you can’t feel safe in your own home, where can you feel protected? We recognize our role in maintaining health standards in a world that is constantly worried about the spread of the virus. Customers can visibly see our protocols in action and enjoy the benefits of having a sanitary environment where they can live their lives.”

For interested buyers looking for a trusted brand that consumers love, Home Clean Heroes is the franchise for them. The brand proves time and time again that a forward-thinking, reliable service will go a long way with customers and will have them coming back for more.

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