How Franchises Are Democratizing Luxury
How Franchises Are Democratizing Luxury

The Grooming Lounge is capitalizing on the “treat yourself” mantra has made its way into Americans’ regular spending habits.

The “treat yourself” mantra has made its way into Americans’ regular spending habits, and today massages, manicures, and other health and beauty-focused services once seen as treats or indulgences are as common in a budget as gas and groceries. This shift in spending patterns has partially been fueled by, and in turn has fueled, a growing sector of the franchise industry that is making these luxury services more affordable and convenient.

Michael Gillman launched the Grooming Lounge in 2000 in response to a growing segment of men looking for personal-care services. In the September issue of Entrepreneur, Gillman touched on the potential that continues to grow in offering men a chance to pamper themselves without the taboos that existed in the past.

“Around the turn of the century, as men’s brands started to come out, people started to realize that taking care of yourself is not effeminate or girly,” Gillman told Entrepreneur. “Some of those taboos came down, and more barbershops and spas broke the barriers and let men know it’s OK to do this stuff.”

The Grooming Lounge founder & CEO added that he’s seen countless men come in with a gift certificate from their wives, uneasy about the experience, and do a complete 180 by the time they leave. Grooming Lounge is based in Washington D.C. and has two corporate locations open, with a large online business presence and expects rapid growth in the hot sector.

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