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How Junk Junk Baby! Franchisees Can Enter the Booming Senior Services Vertical

The brand offers abundant opportunities for a service that is highly in demand.

By Katie Porter1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 10:10AM 10/24/22

Junk Junk Baby! works with clients to help responsibly and respectfully discard items. The emerging franchise serves markets in the Northeast and helps those who are moving, decluttering, building or remodeling, holding estate sales and more. One of the major markets that the company serves, which offers lucrative business for franchise owners, is the senior community. 

There are many reasons the elderly need to hire for junk removal, a job they may not be able to do themselves.

“This demographic is arguably the most in need of our services. As a vulnerable population that’s unable to pack or lift, they really appreciate knowing a company can come out and do it for them,” explained Eric Myers, CEO. “These are big opportunities for our franchise owners, as they are often large-scale jobs with a lifetime's worth of collected stuff.”

Those who are moving out of their home into a smaller space or senior living center often need to downsize and get rid of many of their possessions. Often seniors will need to declutter their spaces after many years of possessions piling up, or they need to make more room to comfortably maneuver around their property as they age. 

A Junk Junk Baby! staff member has been awarded the Age Safe® America Senior Home Safety Specialist®  Certification. The program, which was created to combat the statistics of one in three seniors falling at home each year, offers courses to help professionals learn about fall prevention, fire safety, mobility and accessibility solutions. 

Senior care facilities also often need waste hauling services for cleanup after events or residents purging items. The corporate location has contracts with several local senior care facilities, so they can provide expertise on the market and training on how to work with them.

The brand also stands out in the junk hauling segment as a company that values compassion, an important value to have when working with the elderly. Junk Junk Baby! knows that when an item needs to be thrown out, it’s not just trash. This task can be emotionally taxing for those parting with their belongings. The company understands this and ensures a caring approach to the junk removal process.  

“People who need junk removed from their homes are going through a transition, which can be an uncomfortable, difficult period. They are often emotional or upset, and we show up ready to mitigate the chaos,” said Myers. “You can see the relief on people’s faces when they realize we are handling one of the more chaotic tasks they have on their plates. So we’ve made that part of our model — we are focused on care and support. We truly help people.”

Franchise owners can take advantage of this demand in states like Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire, where Junk Junk Baby! aims to scale.

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