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How Plumbing Franchises Are Navigating Coronavirus

Contractor Magazine looked into how the oft-overlooked essential service is holding up.

Plenty of ink has already been spilled over how essential businesses in a variety of industries are pivoting to stay safe and meet new consumer preferences during the coronavirus crisis, but as is often the case with blue collar industries, plumbing, though an essential service in every sense of the word, has been largely overlooked. Last week, Contractor Magazine corrected that oversight, offering a glimpse into how three plumbing franchises are navigating the ongoing crisis.

Each of the franchises profiled has instituted stringent new safety protocols, including PPE and social distancing. 

“When customers called to schedule service, customer service representatives determined the level of risk to plumbers to be aware of any active cases before scheduling a plumbing service. PPE became a uniform standard. And if a technician was in an area with known contamination, they would be wearing extensive PPE working, including masks, gloves, eyewear, and, possibly, disposable garments,” says [bluefrog Plumbing + Drain operation support specialist Robin] Wilcox.


The brand also implemented a no-contact service, which asked customers to stay six feet apart from plumbers at all times. Behind the scenes, bluefrog also promoted safety by avoiding tool swaps, sanitizing gear between job sites and encouraging employees to stay home if they displayed any symptoms of an upper respiratory illness.

For customers wary of having a plumber enter their home, some franchises are offering video sessions where plumbers give homeowners step-by-step instructions to solve their plumbing problems.

But perhaps the most important resource plumbing franchise owners have during this crisis is one franchisees in all categories benefit from: the franchise network.

During this pandemic, says Doyle James, president, Mr. Rooter, A Neighborly Co., the entire network, consisting of more than 245 Mr. Rooter franchise business owners, have been working together and sharing ideas on how to successfully navigate business during this uncertain time. “Simultaneously, Neighborly provided a great amount of support through sending consistent communication of best practices and holding webinars on many topics including how to apply for PPP loans. Also, franchise owners know that their franchise business coaches are always just a phone call away if they ever have questions or concerns,” says James.

Everyone Contractor spoke to conveyed optimism about the current and future states of the industry. The need for plumbing services isn’t going anywhere, and the industry was able to institute effective safety measures quickly. 

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