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How To Find the Hottest Franchise Opportunities for Veterans

Transitions from military to civilian life can be made a lot easier through franchising. In honor of Armed Forces Day, here are the aspects veterans should look for in a franchise.

By Erica InmanStaff Writer
8:08AM 07/01/24

Veterans possess a unique skill set of resilience, adaptability and an unwavering commitment to service. Their skills and experiences make them a great fit for the world of franchising and business ownership.

1851 Franchise spoke with Albert Hermans, vice president of franchise development with Floor Coverings International, to gain some insights into why franchising is the ideal opportunity for entrepreneurial veterans and what they should look for when scoping out their next venture.

Why Franchising Is Ideal for Veterans 

Many veterans are drawn to franchising and rightly so, as it can provide a tried-and-true business model as well as structured support. 

“People say that veterans are great for franchising because they are used to being told what to do,” said Hermans. “I don't believe that's the reason why people are drawn to a franchise opportunity. You're an entrepreneur. Franchising gives you the platform you need to get your questions answered. I don't believe veterans are wind-up toys. I just believe they want to know where they go to get their answers to build a successful business.”

Finding the Right Industry

If you’re a veteran seeking out your next entrepreneurial venture through franchising, the first thing you’ll want to do is decide on the industry you want to pursue. How do you narrow your choices down to one industry? Hermans advises taking a look at your skill set and values. 

“Firstly, veterans should identify the type of business that reflects their skill sets. Do they want to be more of a leader or do they prefer to be out in the field actually doing the hands-on tasks?” said Hermans. “Secondly, find an organization whose values match their values. If you can find those two things, I think everything else becomes easy at that point.”

For many veterans, industries that are service-oriented are very appealing. “Veterans, I think, inherently want to be able to make an impact on others’ lives and give back,” said Hermans. This desire to serve others, however, can take many forms, so this should not be seen as a limiting factor but one that opens doors across many industries.

“Every small business opportunity gives you the opportunity to interact with people and to help them in some form or fashion,” said Hermans. “Some industries might have more of that rewarding feeling of giving back than others, depending on what your values are.” 

Whether you select a franchise that allows you to give back through small acts of customer service or large acts like providing senior care, select an industry that aligns with your interests and allows you to build a business around something you personally find rewarding and enjoyable.

Identifying Strong Training and Support 

While time in the military results in the development of excellent leadership skills and other invaluable lessons learned, first time franchisees from any background benefit from strong training and support from the franchisor. For Floor Coverings International, this looks like ongoing education and a gradual curriculum.

“We do what's called ‘just in time learning,’” said Hermans. “We don't just have somebody come to a one-week-long training class before they open their business. We don’t just give them a thumbs up and a pat on the back and say, ‘All right, here's your textbook and off you go.’ We have built a defined curriculum for their first two years of business ownership.” 

A franchise that offers ongoing support and training will help create a smoother transition from military to civilian life by providing answers to ongoing questions and continual opportunities for professional growth and personal development in your new career.

Continue Serving Your Community 

If you're a veteran, the best franchise opportunities are going to be those situated in an industry that reflects your personal skills and values, offered by a brand that provides ongoing support and training. Through franchising, you can build your own business and continue serving those around you with valuable services, goods or interactions. 

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