How to Keep Creativity Flowing
How to Keep Creativity Flowing

Implement these surefire tips to stay focused in the workplace.

In PR, there are so many brands clamoring for coverage that in order to rise above the clutter, you have to think outside the box.
Unfortunately, in fast-paced, busy agency life, creativity can fall by the wayside when the to-do list gets too long. At No Limit Agency, creativity is our lifeblood, our driving force and what makes us so good at what we do. It can be tough to carve out time and energy for creativity—and it’s something we struggle with often here. I wanted to offer my advice on how to keep creativity flowing when writer’s block (or pitcher’s block or any other block) takes hold.

Take a Break
When stress is at a boiling point and you feel like that next big idea just isn’t coming, take a break. Grab a coffee, call your mom, take a quick look at your Facebook news feed, run an errand. Taking an hour lunch isn’t always feasible but even a 15-minute mini break can clear your head and get you back on track.

Get Inspired
Looking for your next great idea? Dig around on your favorite news outlets. Play around on Pinterest. Put on Spotify and listen to some new music. The best ideas come when you aren’t searching for them.

Work on Something Else
If I hit a wall when working on a project, I have found that it helps to put that project on hold for a minute and work on something else. Once I get some creative steam – and am able to cross something else off a to-do list – I’ll go back to the original project with a clear head and renewed focus.

Ask for Help
I’ve always been someone who hoards work. In college, I put myself in charge of every group project and ended up doing everything on my own. Not only is this overly controlling, but this is just generally not a smart strategy. Sometimes you just have to ask for help. Put your pride aside and ask a co-worker to do a quick brainstorm. We do this often at No Limit Agency – and accomplish more in a quick 30-minute meeting than I could do in hours on my own. The phrase “two heads are better than one” exists for a reason!

Google It
My response to just about any question these days is “Google it.” Usually it’s in response to a question that can easily be found online, but sometimes it’s just a good way to get inspired. Look at what your competitors are doing. Check out their Google News results. Read some industry rags.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day workflow, but it’s important to take the necessary time to think about the bigger picture and come up with your next great idea.