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How to Keep Moving Forward in Your Business: REGYMEN’s Co-Founder EK Navan Shares His Secrets

The boutique fitness franchise’s co-owner keeps his eyes on the prize, even during turbulent times.

Started just three years ago, REGYMEN Fitness made its debut offering three different platforms — burning, boxing and building — that are perfect for all skill levels. 

The fitness brand’s co-founder, EK Navan, appeared as a guest on the Elite Entrepreneurs Podcast to discuss his path to success and how to maintain it. Among some of his top suggestions include taking risks and fostering company culture. It’s these mindsets that have allowed Navan to quickly expand his fitness brand even internationally to Canada. 

“Life’s too short to get stuck in a 9-to-5 and not take some risks,” Navan told the podcast. 

But before Navan could leap into action, he had to focus a lot of time and energy into building a team he could trust. That was his number one priority and to this day, it remains that way. Navan leans on his trusted and valued team members to give him candid feedback and advice to keep the business propelling forward. 

Another thing Navan says is important in running a business is staying hungry: always set new goals after you accomplish your old ones. Look outside the immediate industry you’re in — in his case, fitness — and see what other brands are doing to achieve success. Think of how you can incorporate that into your goals and keep differentiating your business and attracting new customers. 

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