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How to Measure the Success of a Franchise Sales Website

The modern era of consumer preference is turning to online sales, while the most effective strategies are the ones that cater to this new level.

By Justin Wick1851 Franchise Contributor
Updated 11:11AM 12/17/21

A pandemic has forced the modern consumer outside of retail locations and onto their computer keyboards, and as they track down the best business from home, franchises are also able to track down the best tactics to engage this new landscape of consumers. Consumers are getting used to a new standard of normal, which means a great franchise sales website is forced to follow suit.

Website design can be as simple or as elaborate as a brand wishes it to be, and the website’s success can be measured in a few key different ways. Here  are a few website qualities that quickly separates a stagnant franchise brand from an emerging one.

First Impressions Are Key

People are no longer shopping in person like they once were, so brands are having to turn to  new strategies to catch somebody’s eye. Sales websites are competing for visibility, and the most successful sites are the ones that can keep eyes on it for a longer amount of time.

There are tangible ways to evaluate clicks in this manner, but perhaps the most important metric is a simple eye test. Any franchisor can look at their sales website, figure out a way to make it more appealing visually and implement a strategy that starts a conversation.

It’s important that visual aids are not the only component of a website interface, or else a site design can look like an aimless billboard of content that lacks direction. People are more familiar with working from home than ever, which suggests the need for a sleek, trendy design up to 2021 standards.

A well-crafted website with a target audience in mind can yield tremendous results. The user interface and design of a website has maintained relevance for as long as the internet has been around, and as popular trends continue to change, so does the digital means in which target audiences are familiar with.

The most successful franchise sales websites are the ones that can curate this experience to a desired market. Measuring this success can be interpreted through sales demographics, web page visibility and social media presence, but perhaps no more important than simple word-of-mouth within a target demographic.

Optimization Is Essential

While drawing up plans for a successful sales website can be simple, integrating those plans through some complex code can be a daunting task. Evaluating those website strategies can be disheartening if a complex strategy doesn’t work out, but an optimized experience can ensure everybody from consumers to web developers are getting what they need out of an online sales experience.

Key factors of website performance like load times, the amount of text on a page or the position on a search engine are best advanced through an extremely general word: optimization.

What is it, exactly? You can optimize pretty much anything in life, so how does it pertain to a website? Optimizing a web page means expediting the process for consumers to get what they want. It’s a double-edged sword when compared to first impressions — you want someone to stick around, but you also want them to find their solution right away.

It can often be best to prioritize optimization over an elaborate web design, as people on the internet aren’t looking for an art gallery type of sales website to distract from their simple needs. If presentation were the biggest priority, there is a good chance that retail sales would still dominate the 2021 landscape like before.

Accessibility, almost synonymous with optimization, is another strategy that brands are capitalizing on. Evaluating the accessibility of a website can be measured by how many people interact with a sales website on a given day, while optimization can lead masses toward a franchise brand with minimal changes to an actual product or service itself.

Developing this level of success can be furthered through SEO strategy, website speed and a review of key text throughout a site. Maintaining this level of success is something that can optimize virtually all angles of a franchise model.